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  • 21-11-2022
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What exactly do Uber, Airbnb, Tinder, and WhatsApp have in the same? They're all highly successful businesses built around their mobile applications. Mobile app development UK has grown so rapidly that every company can come up with reasons to develop an application for mobile devices. For instance, 90 percent of the world's internet users use smartphones to get online, and mobile web traffic accounts for almost 55% of the total internet traffic.

Whatever your target audience or market, it's important not to ignore mobile. But remember security. In contrast to APIs and websites, we are incredibly linked to mobile phones and frequently use them to store an enormous amount of sensitive personal data. Mobile devices are a treasure trove for fraudsters and hackers, so it's always in every organization's best interest to ensure that their apps as secure as is possible.

Mobile app security refers to the collection of procedures that guard mobile apps against threats like key loggers, malware reverse engineering, as well as cybersecurity threats. Mobile App Security Testing Tools (MAST) assist in improving your security app by analyzing the app and identifying security weaknesses in the development process or after. This article will examine the most important characteristics of mobile app security tools and then review the top and most well-known tools.

The Best Tools For Testing Mobile Application Security:

For each tool for securing mobile applications, this post will briefly describe the company behind it, how it operates, and who will benefit from it. It will also outline its main features and give an idea of the price. Here are the top mobile app security tools with a mobile app security testing checklist:


What is dynamic mobile application security testing? Data Dome is a leading tool for securing mobile applications. It gives real-time protection against any online fraud. It is suitable for mobile apps across industries and businesses of any size. Data Dome offers light SDKs for iOS, Android, and different architectures if you're creating a web application. With its headquarters in New York, Paris, and Singapore, Data Dome is used by numerous global companies ranging from Topps to New York Times to Kurt Geiger.

Principal Features:

  • Real-time bot security. Data Dome can detect and stop OWASP bots in milliseconds. It does this not only for mobile apps. However, it can also be used for your APIs and websites.
  • Simple integration. Data Dome’s documentation gives you an idea of the technology it supports and how easy it is to install.
  • Complete security for APIs, mobile apps, and more. Data Dome ensures that you are protected from all publicly accessible assets from security threats. There is no need to have multiple solutions.
  • 24/7 global customer support. Data Dome has offices worldwide and is ready to assist you by contacting us 24/7 from our Security operation centers.
  • Transparent pricing. Data Dome doesn't conceal its costs. The prices are available for public viewing on their site and begin at $2,990 a month for their business plan.


Checkmarx is a worldwide security software company with its headquarters in Israel that was established in 2006 before being acquired by the world's largest private equity company, Hellman & Friedman, in 2020. They offer an AppSec platform, Checkmarx One, that provides one-click testing to scan and find flaws in your application's codebase.

The Key Features:

  • Supports a variety of frameworks and languages. Checkmarx One works for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. It runs in environments that depend on Go, Perl, C++, and others.
  • Integrated scanning of your code. Automated scans can be run anywhere you're developing using your tools.
  • AppSec security training for developers. Checkmarx offers a platform for training known as Checkmarx Codebashing, which helps developers learn the best practices for mobile security.
  • Pricing. Checkmarx does not list its pricing on its website. However, ITQlick estimates the cost of the software as $59,000 per year.


Now Secure is a security firm for mobile devices located in Chicago, founded in 2009. They used to be called viaForensics and then changed their name to Now Secure in 2014. The company is now focused on enterprise and personal device security. They offer a variety of programs that offer penetration testing, security and developer team training, and an application Security testing system.

Principal Features:

  • Meet compliance requirements. Now Secure analyzes what it finds from its security scans to the standards of OWASP GDPR CCPA, PCI, and more.
  • Make sure to test your app during and after the development phase. Now Secure will find security flaws when you're developing your app, but it also tracks the app once it's launched.
  • Reports that can be exported. Now Secure allows you to export your scan results and allow the sharing of these results in a safe way with the people you'd like to.
  • Pricing. Now Secure is looking to cut the mobile AppSec costs and brand its services as low-cost. However, it doesn't list its pricing on its website.


Appknox is a mobile-based security testing firm established in 2014 and is headquartered in Bangalore, India. They design and develop software for vulnerability assessment for APIs and dynamic and static apps and tools for penetration testing.

The Key Features:

  • Real-time feedback. Appknox's software gives you real-time feedback on your vulnerability after uploading the binary for an app for iOS or Android.
  • Keep your app in compliance. Appknox has set up several tests to determine if your application complies with legal frameworks. The tests are clearly outlined in an analysis report.
  • Vulnerability Details. The report reveals the location of each security vulnerability and how it may affect your company.
  • Pricing. Although Appknox has pricing information on its website, they don't offer the exact cost of its online software.

5-eShard esChecker:

EShard checkerSecurity Company was founded in the year 2015 with locations with offices in France, Germany, and Singapore. The entire range of software and training they offer is related to security for developers, such as a pen-testing platform and data science education for their mobile application security testing tool, the checker.

Principal Features:

  • Dynamic Engine. The engine in the checker allows for the simulation of attack methods such as reverse engineering and code manipulation.
  • Only the app's binary. It is not necessary to give access to the source code. The binary contains everything the esChecker requires.
  • Test on real devices. Checker utilizes actual devices to test your app for security issues as it runs and tests your application as it is utilized in real-world scenarios.
  • Pricing. EShard does not make public pricing for its software or training. However, TrustRadius rates the cost of the esChecker program at $899 per month per program.

6-Fortify On Demand:

Fortify on Demand is an app security test tool owned by British Micro Focus, a software and IT company. Micro Focus is listed on the stock exchange and is the creator of more than three hundred software applications for various usage scenarios.

Principal Features:

  • A wide variety of scanning techniques. Fortify on Demand can support static testing (SAST) and dynamic testing (DAST) as well as Open-Source Testing (SCA), Interactive testing (IAST), and many more.
  • Account manager dedicated to each account. Fortify on Demand includes an on-call support service and an account manager for technical issues to assist you in integrating Fortify on Demand into your system.
  • Real-time reporting. Fortify on Demand provides live, centrally-managed dashboards and reports that are enterprise-grade.
  • Pricing. Micro Focus does not provide pricing for Fortify on Demand. Additionally, no prices for the program could be found online.

7- HCL AppScan:

HCL AppScan was created in 1998 and bought from the Indian business HCL Technologies. It's a collection of web and desktop security monitoring and testing tools that includes static and dynamic testing, as well as cloud services that blend the two are known as AppScan in the Cloud.

Principal Features:

  • It supports 35 different languages as well as frameworks. AppScan is available on Android as well as in various environments. Be aware that you require an application to run scans on Xcode projects.
  • Many scanning methods. AppScan is compatible with SAST, DAST, IAST, and SCA in its broadest selection.
  • Scan at every stage of the development process. AppScan lets you perform its numerous scans wherever you are within the software development phase of your mobile application.
  • Pricing. HCL doesn't offer prices for the AppScan software. However, G2 estimates the AppScan pricing at $11,000 per user per year.


AppSweep is a mobile application security tool developed by Guard square, an app for mobile security firms based in Leuven, Belgium. AppSweep is built on the open-source software, ProGuard, which is the shrinker of Java bytes.

Principal Features:

  • Intuitive experience. The results of a scan with AppSweep are presented with familiar ideas from the developer's world, which makes it intuitive to any developer.
  • Practical recommendations. The code issues you have and the dependencies on them are discussed with concrete recommendations on how to respond to address them.
  • Fix security issues before they become a problem. Upload your application regardless of where you are during the development process. It would be best to eliminate security loopholes before they can cause any harm.
  • Pricing. It's free. Upload your apk or aab or a file on their site, and AppSweep will search your files. It will also keep track of your previous uploaded versions.


Vera code is an app security company that is headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, and was founded in the year 2006. Vera code has a variety of products that focus on application analysis development, developer enablement, and AppSec governance, and many of them are integrated into Vera code’s Continuous Security Platform.

Principal Features:

  • A single platform. The Vera code Security Platform contains all application security testing methods, including SAST to DAST, SCA, and manual penetration tests.
  • Continuous analysis engines. The platform constantly scans for static and dynamic software you use as well as for open-source weaknesses.
  • Train your developers. The Vera code Platform has a developer support feature that helps you teach your developers the art of writing secure software.
  • Pricing. Vera code does not offer pricing for its platform, and no pricing for the software can be found on the internet.

Key takeaways from mobile Application Security Testing Tools:

So, App Development UK is growing rapidly. Mobile devices hold a vast quantity of personal data. Your app cannot be a way for hackers to access the information. This is why security tools for mobile apps are essential. They safeguard your apps by closing security gaps within your code and scanning for automated malware.

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