Best Cross-Platform Mobile Development Tools in 2020

  • By Regina Deemer
  • 12-08-2020
  • Mobile App Development
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With the rising innovations in the technology, developers are just sticking to the app development tools or frameworks that help in easing the job and lessen the app development time.

The cross-platform mobile app development tools permit generating the apps for multiple mobile platforms in a single time.
In the highly competitive market, the developers who are looking for the awesome app development tools while on the other hand, businesses are tapping for the best ways to boost business productivity.

Either you are a beginner or a pro app developers, the following are the five most popular cross-platform app development tools with the utmost requirement in 2020. These will help in resolving your problems.

1. React Native:

It is known to be an open-source framework, totally based on React, and is proven to be a perfect tool for mobile cross-platform development. Many companies are making use of the React Native to build cross-platform products. It was mainly released in 2015 by Facebook after the release of the statement by Mark that the hybrid apps are really miles behind the native ones. The react natives help the developers create cross-platform apps that give a feel of the native applications having the capability to access the mobile devices’ native features such as camera, user location, and others. This specific feature forms this tool to be the perfect one for Android, iOS, and many other mobile operating systems. It makes you capable of generating a fast and eye-captivating application with JavaScript.

Infact, the cross-platform mobile app development tool consists of the wide community supporters over the world. Not only Facebook, but there are also so many companies that make use of the React Native for cross-platform apps such as Bloomberg, Skype, Tesla, Pinterest, and Walmart.

2. Ionic:

Ionic is known as the widely-famous cross-platform mobile development tool. It was majorly released in 2013. Besides a single codebase, apps depending upon the framework can process on iOS and Android. With the Ionic help, you can form fast, high-performance, and some really engaging apps that would run on different operating systems. This way, the framework provides you the way to develop applications abruptly and within a very short period.

Moreover, it is an open-source framework that is supported by the solid community of developers. The companies that rely on the apps are Amtrak, Burger King, and others.

3. Flutter:

Other widely known perfect cross-platform mobile application tool is Flutter. It is an open-source framework that is released by Google in 2017. It generates native applications supported by multiple operating systems such as iOS, Android, and others. The fundamental programming language of the framework is Dart that delivers the performance boost up by 15%.

Google has added up a useful feature when presented with an update in 2019 that you will be supported when you integrate Flutter into your iOS and Android Application that is interpreted in the store.

The Flutter followers are vivid such as Abbey Road Studios, Alibaba, BMW, Groupon, Google, Tencent, and many others.

4. PhoneGap:

It is an open-source and a cross-platform mobile development tool that is supported by Adobe. It indulges JavaScript, HTML$CSS into a bin that can access API. This framework will also be easily accessible if there is no requirement to employ the native feature set of the mobile device.

The companies that are HealthTap, Localeur, Logitech, Nexercise, and Sabre are finely using the PhoneGap.

5. Xamarin:

It is the cross-platform mobile development tool that you must consider when it is about mobile app development. It is majorly an open-source tool that is powered by Microsoft since 2016. This specific app platform builds the applications that share a single codebase on Android, IOS, Windows, and other operating systems. Xamarin can do the run operations not only on mobile devices but also on web and desktop. You are capable of creating applications for Windows Phone, Android, IOS with the help of the C#. It is the programming language, which is fully supported by the cross-platform mobile development tool.

This tool has been outdated for now. But, if you opt for this, you might have to face difficulty as you will lack the community support and stability onto the project. You might feel discouraged using this tool. Therefore, it is recommendable to consider other options rather than this specific tool to be your final decision for your project.

But, still, you will see a few companies that are actively using Xamarin in projects such as Atlantic and Pacific Business Travel Limited, FreshDirect, OLO, Insightly, and others.

Businesses face competition, and when the main focus is their target audience, businesses require to have benefits of the cross-platform app development tools. So, you can find a suitable tool for your company from the ones mentioned above that can manage the entire mobile app development requirements. Sometimes, it gets confusing what to use when one can have lots of choices in the market. Therefore, you must refer to the above list that represents the topmost cross-platform app development tools.

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