How to Hire Flutter Developers: Essential Advantages that Startups Shouldn’t Neglect

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  • 29-09-2023
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Planning to build a mobile app for your business or organization? Well, you need to figure out a list of necessities. When it comes to finalizing technology, Flutter will fit your budget and app requirements efficiently.

Nowadays, with the launch of the Flutter 3 version in 2022 the buzz on creating cross-platform apps using Flutter is booming. In fact, as per 2022 reports, Flutter is the most prevalent cross-platform mobile framework utilized by worldwide developers. Around 46% of software developers chose Flutter. The figures are prominently displaying the acceleration of the Flutter framework in the market.

So, you can also join the Flutter apps community for your business. The technology has actually proved itself way more efficient in less than a decade of experience. You might be wondering if it will work out well or not. It's obvious to have concerns, so here in this article, you will get all the stones unturned. From the core concept of Flutter to the hiring process of Flutter developers, we have explained everything about it. Keep reading!

Flutter - A Revolutionary Mobile App Development Technology

Flutter is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing frameworks with broader acceptance since its launch in 2017. Flutter developers are gradually becoming the preference for app development. It offers an open-source software development kit (SDK) that allows a streamlined and quick cross-platform development process.

However, Flutter developers assist in making your application effective and give the edge over both Android and iOS. You will get the benefit of innovative and custom-tailored applications. Hence, many startups plan to choose Flutter app development services for their business.

Flutter developers offer extensive architecture and libraries to build the layered system freely. It is an inclusive framework that utilizes unique widgets and interactive UI designs. The major KPI of the Flutter framework is object-oriented programming languages like C#, Java, Ruby, PHP, etc. Moreover, the experience level of Flutter developers gives a detailed outlook of feature-rich applications.

It's quite evident how Flutter has overtaken the mobile app development market with effortless application solutions. Being a new technology, it has rapidly paced in the marketplace and stands out among its competitors. It overcomes the limitations of native app development by offering a user-friendly app for Android and iOS platforms. Additionally, you will get the same native feel and overall layout on both platforms.

5 Essential Advantages of Flutter Mobile App Development

Flutter app development has established its presence in the market providing great benefits. Creating your business app with ensuring the beneficial aspects makes you plan the goals well in advance. Let’s dive into them.

1. Exceptionally Customizable Design

For building complicated UI designs with easy personalization solutions, Flutter allows you to manage design aspects as per the native platform. Flutter access to shared elements, colors, transitions, etc, so the process becomes adaptive with a simplified workload.

However, Flutter also gives you a bunch of graphics and animation libraries to deliver a high-end user experience. Simply, you can make a responsive interface and attractive layout for all devices. Nowadays, the buzz about 3D models is increasing and Flutter has ensured to create new-age 3D graphics for your application. Therefore, you won’t need to compromise on UI/UX design with Flutter.

2. Less Turnaround Time

For any app development project, the overall turnaround time for project delivery should be faster. And Flutter provides you with a ‘Hot reload’ feature to preview the changes applied within the codes immediately. It speeds up the app development process and makes it the first choice for new businesses.

Moreover, the hot reload feature permits users to quickly navigate to bug fixing, feature adding, and UI solutions. Flutter developers can verify the modifications in the codebase on a real-time basis. So, you can compile and have the code way faster than native development solutions.

3. Single Codebase for both Platforms

With a range of widgets and design solutions, Flutter developers don’t need to write the whole codebase of each platform individually. It has the potential to utilize a single codebase for both platforms' app development. Hence, it turns out to save time, effort, and money. Isn’t it the most reliable benefit so far? The overall time consumption for both platforms has just been cut off by halfway. You can simply show your app on both Android and iOS devices.

4. Cost-saving technology

Flutter app development is absolutely leaving the other solution behind with advanced features that fit your budget. Especially for startups and small businesses, investing to hire Flutter app developers can be lucrative and bring great ROI. Flutter makes the cross-platform development straightforward and reduces the process complexity. Furthermore, when it comes to hiring resources, outsourcing services is righteous as you can hire at an hourly rate and get detailed attention for projects in a cost-effective way.

5. High-Quality Applications

The quality factor is a non-negligible requirement for any application. Whatever your app is about, it should have visibility emphasis with all-inclusive features and functionalities. Flutter is backed by Google, and your app efficiently builds with the high-fidelity toolkit. By utilizing open-source UI your application will provide performance-rich integrations.

Apart from that, Flutter eliminates the drawbacks of Android and iOS that assist with platform-based coding. Your application will incorporate your listed needs and ensure a better user experience.

Although the above advantages are of Flutter Framework, by indulging in the leading skill set of developers, you can reap 2x better benefits. Remember to evaluate the developer's work experience and knowledge comprehensively.

Necessary Skills & Qualifications of Flutter App Developers

Finding the ideal Flutter developers with the proper qualifications and skill sets is difficult. The list of requirements gets extended with your project type and size. To qualify project needs and desired skills, here are the primary requirements that all levels of developers should have.

  • In-depth knowledge of Dart, Kotlin, SQLite, HTML, JavaScript, CSS3, etc
  • Reusing a single codebase for cross-platform
  • Utilizing UI design modules
  • Proficient with native programming languages
  • Understanding of Agile and waterfall development methodologies
  • Expertise in Object Oriented Programming (OOP) languages such as C#, PHP, and Java
  • Familiar with third-party libraries and API integrations
  • Know-how in code versioning tools like Git and Jenkins
  • Strong background in app architecture for Android and iOS
  • Hands-on experience with Android Studio, iOS & Flutter SDK
  • Troubleshooting errors and debugging code to ensure performance

Apart from the technical skills and qualifications, developers with considerable soft skills should be welcomed. Have a look at the essential soft skills.

  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Team player
  • Creative mindset
  • Adaptability
  • Strategic thinker

With that, the daunting task of looking after the ideal candidate with a skillset has been simplified for you. Now, the next up is picking on the right type of Flutter developer.

Types of Flutter App Developers

In-house developers

The primary and widely-accepted category is hiring Flutter app developers in-house for all the technology-driven tasks. The in-house Flutter developers work as per your company's culture and time. You may require space and equipment for developers. However, you can regularly meet and communicate with them on the project. It set boundaries of the corporate workplace that developers perform tasks for your organization as an employee. It may cost you higher as you are hiring full-time developers.

Freelance developers

Now, next up is freelancers who work on multiple projects simultaneously. Freelance developers are available on various talent marketplaces. It is mostly remote working where you can schedule a meeting on the project and developers work on it and submit it as per the predetermined deadlines. The price range of freelancers may vary based on their portfolio and years of experience. So, you can go with the best-suited freelancer for your project.

Outsource to Flutter development company

Lastly, you have the alternative to outsource Flutter mobile app development services to an organization. Usually, app development companies have teams of different developers. You can hire dedicated Flutter developers for your project. The key benefits of outsourcing would be getting the development team consisting of a Sales Executive, Business Analyst, Developer, Designer, etc. Furthermore, you have to either compensate for hourly rates or project-based overall prices.

The types of developers are categories of hiring models for you, so you need to select the appropriate hiring model that meets your needs and is beneficial in the long run.

How to Hire Flutter App Developers Proficiently? 6 Stages of Finding & Hiring the Best Flutter Developers

1. Pen down your requirements

Beginning with clarity of project needs and your objective is necessary for further process. Whether you are a startup or an existing business, your app development purpose, budget, target audience, and other aspects should be defined priorly. It assists you in the interview stage to assign tasks accordingly.

2. Pick the right hiring model

Secondly, deciding upon the best-fitted hiring model, we have already mentioned the three types of models for you. With market research on hiring platforms, you will get all these types and can discuss the rates. However, you just have to post the job requirement for your project with responsibilities, skills needed, timeframe, etc. Candidates can see and easily apply from there. Therefore, you will get a database of a range of applications as per your specified hiring model.

3. Evaluate candidates' experience & skills

After receiving a myriad of applications, now you have to perform huge tasks of evaluating the candidates' skills and expertise level in the Flutter technology. The above list of skills will make your task effortless and saves time. Consider the candidates with work experience in related industries of your business type.

4. Shortlist the top candidates

Shortlisting the top-rated candidates requires you to perform an initial interview round. It helps to understand the know-how of the candidates and their approach towards the project. On the other hand, you also get clarity on the soft skills of the candidates and their proficiency in client interaction. So, you will have the proper shortlisted candidates that qualify for the next interview round.

5. Technical interview process

Now you have the list of candidates, you can move further with the technical round. It is the crucial stage that requires you to create a practical task to assign to the candidate with the timeframe for its submission. You can also ask to perform the task on a real-time basis to maintain transparency of the outcome. And based on the results, the qualified candidate should be called and taken forward to the final round.

6. Final Discussion

After completing all the steps, you are now headed to the final stage i.e., the discussion round. It includes putting your requirements and candidates' capabilities in font and discussing them thoroughly. The price, time duration, size, and so on. You should make each aspect visible clearly to prevent conflict after the onboarding process. And that’s it, with shaking hands and agreeing on the terms you have got the Flutter developer.

Cost of Hiring Flutter App Developers

The most important component for your app development project will definitely be the cost of hiring Flutter developers. It influences your overall budgetary plan for the project. So, you need to examine and select the potential developer within your estimated cost. The decision should be taken only after considering the following factors;

  • Timeframe: From starting the app development process till its deployment, the project time duration affects the cost extensively. Developers and outsourcing companies charge hourly rates.
  • Location: The location or region of the developers you are hiring matters quite impactfully. Flutter developers’ charges differ in each country. You need to pick the location first then the developers from there.
  • Project Size: Your project size is what actually extends or minimizes the cost. If your application development demands advanced functionality and integration costs get higher and vice versa.
  • Complexity: Building a simple application with basic capabilities and nominal performance is less costly. But if you demand the latest solutions and improved scalability, the cost of development will automatically rise.
  • Features: Making features-rich applications affect the cost in an upward direction while creating an app with primary features maintains the average cost rate.

Over to you

With the latest Flutter versions, the technology is undertaking the recent app development needs and profiting businesses. It has consistently made upgrades and allowed developers to build competitive cross-platform apps. The Flutter community has successfully delivered well-known apps like BMW, Dream11, GPay, and many more.

Now, it's up to you for making your app list among these app examples. Hiring Flutter developers will build the way for your business to get global visibility. Get started to unleash top-notch opportunities with Flutter app development!

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