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  • By Parth Patel
  • 19-09-2020
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Pollution is a serious threat and a major concern for all the citizens around the world. The year 2020 so far provided us with massive environmental changes and all the individuals witnessed how the wildfires spread across the regions of Amazon and northern California and much more.

Though the smoke released from fires can be felt across the areas which are far away from the actual site.

Such cases can be dealt with an app such as Doctor on Demand. The most promising virtual care provider in the United States can provide great assistance in such cases of emergency.

Such an app can provide guidance to a large number of people on what can be done by them to eradicate dangerous effects in the air quality index. It provides medical help virtually to all the categories of people that are facing problems such as breathing,coughing,skin and eye irritation and itchiness.

Apps such as Doctor-on-demand are the perfect choice which facilitates people to stay at the comfort of their homes and get their high-quality treatment virtually and which gets available 24*7 including all the weekends.

Due to its dynamic structure and capabilities to deal with patients virtually and remotely, such healthcare apps are increasing at an escalating rate. So if you are an entrepreneur, business owner or any other healthcare professional who is willing to start a healthcare app you are on the right blog.

Further in my blog we will discuss features and functionalities that can help you to develop a new healthcare app or make necessary changes if you own an app. The demand for virtual healthcare apps is increasing at a rapid rate and you must develop an app to make your services get popular and which will add stars in your career in the healthcare industry.

Features of Healthcare App Development:
Broadly the healthcare app can be developed in 3 main categories:
1. Patient App
2. Doctor app
3. HIS

The features which are to be included in Patient apps are as follows:

1. Appointment:
In this techno-savvy world where each and everything is just a call or a click away. Booking an appointment online for seeking a doctor is indeed a time saviour for patients as they no longer have to wait in long-queues.

Things get executed on time and this reliability makes the users more engaged in using such apps and connecting doctors virtually with the patients is the major feature why people will prefer such an app.

There are various numbers of API and Webhooks available in the market where you can amalgamate in the app.

2. Telemedicine:
Telemedicines are the most productive way to keep track of the chronic diseases and illness and where treatment can take place in the 10 minute conversation.

Healthcare apps by mobile app agency are gradually transforming the ways where doctors and patients communicate virtually in spite of the adverse surroundings and where physical visits are to be avoided.

Photos can be shared by patients to provide more brief when they are facing any skin rashes and infections and in cases where through communication the problems and issues can get solved.

Additionally, the doctors can identify and directly message the necessary details to the patients. If some extra information is required then doctors call the patients for video call, lab tests and several orders.

3. E-prescriptions:
This E-prescription features provides Doctors a platform where they can create and deliver such prescriptions removing all the errors. This is a time saviour and it improves the communication as well as it provides satisfaction to the patients.

This also facilitates doctors to formulate the prescriptions according to their insurance formulation and the prescription must include all the general information of pharmacies which are connected to the online pharmacy stores.

E-prescriptions allows a platform where patients can look at the health records and where a detailed view of the overall health of the patient gets delivered.

4. Electronic Healthcare Records:
This feature allows both the users - patients and doctors to retrieve all the data on their healthcare on a single platform.

It manages the patient's record, demographics, problem lists, medication lists, patient’s history, clinical documents, prescriptions and also creates a specific requirement that helps the patients with his chronic disease.

5. Pill Reminder:

While treating chronic disease among the patients. Medications and drugs are the most effective ways to gain trust of the patients.

And when more people are dependent on medicines, regular intake of medicines becomes more crucial to avoid risks and to prevent serious threats to health.

Failure in consuming regular medicines is likely to affect the healthcare costs and patient results.

The fundamental function of the app is to remind the patients with the accurate time to consume their medicines.

Creating own schedule for medicines or framing the schedule depending upon the prescriptions received can be formulated with this feature.

6. One-click Ambulance:

The feature becomes most crucial at the time of emergencies and such a feature can provide a great assistance to the needy people. Such features allow you to work on the emergency help for family,friends and to all the other people in need.

The feature sends notifications to all the contacts from the emergency list and to the hospitals in the nearby location.

7. Hospital WayFinding Map:

Hospitals are designed in such a manner that the patients, mostly senior citizens gets off-track from the actual route to their room or doctor’s cabin.

Such a feature allows visitors to search everything from their doctor’s room to the cafeteria.

Features for Doctors App
1. Doctor’s Profile:
One of the most analytic aspects of the patient’s voyage is to identify the perfect doctor.

Making a random selection from the list is not a perfect solution and looking at the doctor’s profile can save time for both patients as well as doctors.

This also includes the accuracy of doctors and patients in the course of their treatment.

2. Schedule Management:
The feature gives doctors as well as patients the perfect and convenient pre-booking experience for their appointments. Such a feature is intrusive in an app dedicated for doctors.

The features included are as follows: doctors can view and cancel appointments, remind doctors of their scheduled appointments along with the time, add new slots a quick appointment schedule and more.

3. Patient’s Dashboard:
The patient’s dashboard provides the complete overview of the clinical information along with the personal data of the patients.

This page helps in displaying the most crucial information of the patients which can be skimmed quickly by the doctors while making a treatment plan.

4. E-prescriptions:
This feature allows the doctors to send prescriptions to the patients as well as to the pharmaceutical stores. E-prescriptions act as a decision support tool where providers can get immediate access to the overall medication history and the details of the coverage of their insurance prescription to make the most accurate choice.

E-prescriptions projects as an electronic handbook. From creating prescriptions to the medicines which were received by the patients can be tracked.

5. Clinical Photo capture:
It allows doctors to work on high-quality and convenient methods of dealing and looking at the problems faced by the patients.

The skin diseases and other rashes that a patient usually gets because of the negative effects of the medicines can be dealt without any hassle.

Such a feature can be develop through a chain of multiple protocols that helps in keeping the image more secured, keeping tracks when the photos gets assessed and by whom.

6. Decision support systems:
Mobile apps and information on the internet makes the perfect use of the tools which are needed in the healthcare industry by the experts and professionals.

Medical calculators, necessary laboratory tests and labs are such tools provided under this feature which further smoothens the work of doctors by providing timely actions.

Healthcare Information systems
The sole purpose of Healthcare Informatics is to build and keep day to day records of patients getting admitted and discharged. The list of doctors along with their availability, reports of patients and the management of various assets and stocks.

The list of things which are included are as follows:
1. Patient Management Systems
2. Doctor management systems
3. Payment Management Systems
4. Inventories and Assets management Systems
5. Electronic health record
6. Doctor- On demand
7. Medication reminder app
8. Symptoms checker app
9. E-prescription app
10. Health and wellness app

And all such apps that are directly or indirectly connected to the physical and mental wellness of humans and which may be helpful in preventing various other chronic diseases and illnesses.

Healthcare and medical apps are escalating the potency of healthcare associates whether they are patients or doctors.

On account of such advantages that a healthcare app provides they are adopted and preferred by most of the doctors and patients.
Moreover developing an app of your choice and the features which are needed to get included becomes the major question which needs to be answered depending upon the target audience.

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