What Happens to the Development of Mobile Applications During a Pandemic?

  • By Ellen Royce
  • 06-08-2020
  • Mobile App Development
mobile app development after covid19

How Did the Mobile App Market Change During the Pandemic?
The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all areas of life — including how mobile applications are developed. During the pandemic, the number of downloads of the games' apps has grown. The global average number of installations has doubled. And it’s not surprising because a lot of people want entertainment during the pandemic. Moreover, developers offer great bonuses to their users - a free 10 euro bonus in different games, for example; this attracts new people to join the game's platforms. Besides, it’s an excellent opportunity to earn additional funds for developers.

The epidemic has affected the consumption of users. Since the end of March, the number of downloads of mobile applications for online shopping has increased. According to the studies, their revenue increased by 25% during this period, and by 10% since the beginning of April.

During self-isolation, many food delivery apps offered by different stores appeared. Offline restaurants that have never worked on delivery have also started to understand the mobile application meaning and how important they are for their business development. So, they started to use the mobile applications laboratory for developing their own apps to stay afloat. According to recent studies, the number of downloads of food delivery services increased by 40%; this means that mobile applications are very important today.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the profitability of fitness apps has increased by 280%. Everyone wants to be in good shape while staying at home. Video conferencing apps have become more popular. In April, the number of Skype users increased by 70%, and the number of calls increased by 220%.

Financial investment apps have shown steady growth since the beginning of the pandemic, with revenue growing by 30%. The use of mobile banking apps has increased by 17% since the beginning of April.

Of course, the number of people who started to follow the news has increased. The number of daily installations of news mobile applications increased by 37 percent between January and April 2020. Mobile applications for COVID-19 became the most popular. Because of the general uncertainty, the users started to prefer news apps to traditional media, and this will affect the app market in the long run.

What Will Happen Next?
The expansion of the global COVID-19 pandemic contributes to the fact that billions of people in most countries of the world stay at home every day. This leads to the fact that the use of smartphones is becoming more popular. The increased use of smartphones has led to an increase in the profitability of mobile applications. As the mobile applications developer says, since February, 2020 (i.e., since the beginning of the pandemic in Europe), the number of new mobile apps installations have increased by 28% globally. So, are mobile apps the future? It is difficult to say precisely how strong mobile trends are, especially taking into consideration the ongoing combat against COVID-19 around the world. But it is clear that this period of uncertainty has shown the resilience of the mobile economy.

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