A Complete Guide On How To Market Your Taxi App Before Launching

  • By Mushahid Khatri
  • 19-11-2019
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Taxi apps have become so widespread now, everyone has them and prefers them over other modes of transport. Therefore, it is highly important for any taxi app company to have a solid marketing strategy before launch. If you have an Uber-like taxi app, or wish to develop a taxi app, here's what you need to keep in mind.

Before creating a marketing strategy for your online taxi booking application, there are certain factors that you need to take into account. These are:-

Market Research
Local market knowledge, gaps in the market and opportunities are what you need to identify, so you can position your brand before its launch.

Competition Analysis
Find out who your competition is, what they're doing and most importantly, what feedback their customers give. You can learn from their achievements and more from their mistakes.

Choose your transport
Sedans, hatchbacks, or MUV's? An important thing to consider is your fleet of vehicles.

Ensure that you have all the valid documents for each vehicle. Even a small anomaly can cause a big issue with the traffic police or the Transport Department.

Now, your pre-launch marketing strategy should be ready to create. A good pre-launch marketing plan needs to have the following elements.

1. Analyze previous launch campaigns by similar companies
There are many on-demand taxi apps, and you will have access to a wide repository of advertising campaigns and other marketing material.

2. Analyze past market benchmarks
If there is no useful data from the past available, try to analyze the average market benchmarks. Then, use these as starting points.

3. Create an integrated brand strategy
Who are you talking to, and how you plan to reach them. You need to design a promo that people talk about. You need to know exactly what your target audience wants.

4. Driver-centric communication
You need to make your driver-centric communication attractive. Show off your driver incentives, and give them a chance to see what they're signing up for. A good tip would be to include incentives that take care of the driver's families.

5. Customer-based publicity
Show customers why your app is better than others. You may have additional safety features. Showcase them. Trying to attract many customers at this stage, is paramount to your app's success in the long run.

6. Social Media
Harness the power of this amazing medium, as many of your target audience and drivers will be on its various channels. However, be aware of whether the channels are useful for the audience. For example, your drivers may not be very active on Instagram, while your customer base might not think much of Facebook.

7. Outreach marketing
You need to reach out to bloggers and influencers. These are the people who may be interested in writing about your app, and publicizing it to their many followers. There are so many influencers and bloggers now with hundreds of followers across various channels. Entice them with interesting schemes, and use their network to reach out to a varied audience.

8. Local media publicity
While harnessing the power of the internet, never forget local media publicity can go a long way in gaining you some fans. Think of TV, radio and newspapers. You might want to get in touch with a production house, to create a video of sorts. Share your story with them, and emphasize on why your service is different from everyone else's.

9. Forums and app-review websites
These places are a good point to start off as well. Pitch to the review websites so they can give you an honest answer about your product prior to its launch. Tech forums are a great place to post about your product as well. There are many forums where users may be able to give you a review prior to your launch as well.

10. Promote online
Initial advertisements should start in advance. Use online promotional tools like the highly-effective Google AdWords do draw more users to your app. You may also launch Facebook and Instagram ads (or any other social media campaign), in order to prepare people for the app's launch.

11. Budget
Finally, create a budget for all your marketing activities and try and stick to it. A budget which is divided base on your marketing channels would be a good place to start. Create separate provisions for online and offline channels as well.

Launching a taxi app can be easy if you follow a well-defined marketing strategy. Always stick to the goals you have laid out, as well as the short term objectives, and try and stick to the budget that you have chalked out as well. There are many different on-demand taxi apps that are operating all over the globe, in various countries. Trying to differentiate yours from the herd, might be a challenge. But then, that's what entrepreneurship is all about.

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Mushahid Khatri

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