Best Android Apps For Surviving Outdoor Adventures

  • By Olivia Marie
  • 22-10-2019
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android apps for outdoor adventures

Who doesn’t love to get engrossed in an adventurous trip? Chances are you would also like to plan an outdoor trip on your next vacation. If this is the case, then we have something for you to help you get more out of your adventure activities. Since your outdoor journey will be incomplete without your smartphones; therefore, we have decided to roll out a compiled list of best surviving outdoor adventure apps that will prove to be your lifesaver. The Mobile app development agency has reached the next level and that’s the reason that you can also use such apps with no connectivity. Let’s explore the best Android apps that will help you manage your outdoor trips like a pro.

1. ViewRanger
ViewRanger is a dedicated app for people who love to undergo hiking and biking trips. The app offers a broad range of routes organized by experts and other users. ViewRanger allows you to download your preferred track that you can follow offline. The more fun part about the app is you can explore and identify different mountain peaks and heights via its nifty augmented reality feature. Also, there are route guides available for the listed areas. More importantly, ViewRanger also supports OS smartwatches and is available in multiple countries, including Canada, U.K, and New Zealand.

2. Locus Map
Locus Map is one of the most convenient apps that allow travelers to explore an extensive range of offline maps dedicated for hiking, cycling, and other related journeys. Using Locus Map helps you plan your own routes, and record those routes with the help of stats like altitude, distance, and pace. The app also supports sound and voice navigation in some regions.

Locus Map also offers parking assistant, field notes manager, and other tools. The app is available for various regions.

3. Offline Survival Manual
Offline survival manual offers you a complete survival guide effortlessly. You can find multiple guides on various topics and the best part all you can access without an Internet connection. Online survival manual lets you learn things like what to eat in case of emergency and what to avoid. It also elaborates the essential items that you should carry on your trip. The app also contains useful infographics and pictures that you can easily read and understand. Moreover, if you don’t want your phone to drain more battery, then you can rely on the app’s print info.

4. Digital Compass
Digital Compass is a common but most useful app for adventure lovers. You can easily access the app from Play Store. Just like other aforementioned apps, Digital Compass also comes with an offline navigation feature that lets you find the right direction without connectivity. Digital Compass comprises the most useful and limited features that you will need when you are outside. Some of the app’s core features are Full-screen map, Slope level meter, true heading, and magnetic heading, Magnetic strength and more.

5. First Aid
If you are not aware of how to handle general emergencies then this app will be your power tool for sure. The app has various references through which you can tackle several health issues when you are in the middle of your trip. First Aid helps you in finding tips for controlling situations like asthma attack, physical injury and other things like that. You can access all the useful health-related tips without an internet connection. Also, there is a hospital tab available in the app through which you can find the nearby hospitals.

6. Scanner Radio
Scanner Radio is one of the most useful apps for your outdoor activities. The app allows you to quickly search for the fire and police scanners. Moreover, the app lets you listen to live audios from police or weather and traffic controllers to quickly get insights about your location’s condition. Scanner Radio contains a list of 7000 stations. It also sends you notifications about a particular scanner that has high or unusual traffic.

7. Open Signal
OpenSignal is another handy app that is typically used for speed tests. The app can also be used for locating a network and also provide cell tower maps through which users can get an appropriate signal. Besides, Open Signal also enables users to locate the nearest Wi-Fi hotspots through which you can get insights about where to get internet connection when needed.

8. SpyGlasss
With SpyGlass, users can track their position, speed, moon’s and sun’s direction. It is an augmented reality navigation app. Moreover, SpyGlass also shows the compass and the map. It also contains other features, including offline maps, speedometer, altimeter, gyro and more.

Let’s Prepare your Phone for Outdoor Travel!
We hope that our list will prove to be the best list for you. Download at least some of the mentioned apps to make your travel safe and secure. Be ready to enjoy your next adventure trip like never before with super amazing Android apps.

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