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  • By Karan Dubal
  • 19-02-2020
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There are more than 6 million apps in the app store which is actually a lot. Apps help us in our day to day work. They make us more efficient and faster in finishing our work. There are various types of apps ranging from messaging apps, health and fitness apps, to business apps and shopping apps. Due to the huge usage of these apps, the app market has become a profitable place.

This article talks about the ideas that are going to trend in 2020 so that you can develop the one which is profitable:

Voice translation

This app is useful for the guides and the tourists. An app that can interpret various speeches into your speech is very helpful. The market for such apps is not even crowded. Providing translation from English to say Mandarin is a difficult task. However, when developed, the voice translation app can be rewarding in today’s market.

Travel related apps

The segment of traveling apps has seen a major boost. People like to visit places in different countries and travel apps can help them with their basic requirements in the new place. Some of the best travel apps ideas are:

City tours: The app that allows visitors to show museums, galleries, parks, tourist points, etc. is very helpful to explore the significant locations in that area. The app can also provide tips elated to the best time of visit and temperature of the place in order to guide the tourists.

Accommodation: The best example of this type of app is Airbnb. Such apps can help you in finding the places to lodge with the locals in the cheaper rates in comparison to staying in hotels. There are also apps that allow you to book hotels, offer city guides, tourist attractions etc.

Nightlife: There are certain apps that help the tourists and locals to find the best places for having a good time at night. The app can inform them about the nearby pubs, discos and bars.

Public transport guiding apps: Tourists who cannot hire a bike or car, need information related to public transportation. An app guiding them about public transportation can be a great mobile app.

On-demand services

This is the most popular segment in-app store. The best examples of such apps are Uber, Postmates, swiggy etc. Some trending categories in these segments are – Gift delivery, logistics, service providers like massage specialists, transportation etc.

Communication apps

People like to communicate with each other. There are many messaging apps, but nowadays, the trend of anonymous communication apps is increasing due to the various scandals involved in social media. Sometimes to share your ideas you need people outside from your circle. The anonymous communication apps are based on hobbies, age and gender.


Sometimes, you are troubled because of health issues where you need instant medicines or doctor’s consultation. There are few apps with the help of which you can take the consultation of a doctor through the video call. This is a great idea for a startup. Right now, there are very few apps of this kind.

Tax management through apps

Everyone will agree that managing taxes is not an easy job. Anyone would gladly resort to the automatic solution to calculate and manage the tax amount. Such an app has a high chance of being successful and can be in high demand. You can also boost your app by adding a payment gateway to the app itself so that the user can also pay them from your app.

Internet of things

Nowadays, many devices is connected to the internet. Our home is full of such devices. There are numerous benefits of such devices including that they make our lives comfortable and help us in keeping our belongings safe. Depending on the types of device, they perform a crucial role. According to a study, in the coming few months, the number of IoT enabled devices are going to reach 75 billion. Due to such huge penetration of IoT devices, apps related to them is also going to get popular.


Chatbots play a key role in making a convenient interaction between companies and customers. They are faster to respond, and they have many qualities that customer care run by human don’t have like they don’t get irritated, and never get tired. AI-powered chatbots are like human consultants who gradually learn to act according to the human preferences which enhance the interaction with the brand. Experienced app developers India can easily develop a chatbot. This is one of the most popular mobile app development ideas that one can use.

Social networking apps

Social networking apps are getting very popular these days. They are the best idea for startups. New messengers are becoming popular every day like skype, Facebook, WhatsApp etc. You can think about a messenger which allows people of similar interests and hobbies to meet together. Try multiple things and find out what could work. This niche has so much potential to bring more profit.

Fitness app

Everyone wants to look fit and shapely. There are many types of fitness apps that tell the user ways to remain fit. Due to the growing awareness about keeping the body fit, many fitness apps have already been launched like Fitbit, Asana Rebel, and Strava. The trend of fitness apps is not going to cease anytime soon.

The above-mentioned list is a rough prediction of what is going to work in the coming years when it comes to the app market. This list created by App developers Melbourne can be a starting point if you intend to develop the app and don’t know which app is going to be the best for you. App business is one of the most lucrative business if carefully picked and taken care of.

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