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  • By Arlen Robinson
  • 19-07-2021
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best shopify marketing apps

In the cutthroat economy of today, business firms usually struggle against multi-national conglomerates. This is why it is important to think of out-of-the-box strategies to promote your business. The modern-day marketing methods have now moved towards the digital platforms and a large number of Shopify marketing apps are available for the promotion of your business and products. The below passage is an overview of some of the best Shopify marketing apps of today.


If you are a small business owner, rankingCoach is the tailor-made option to meet your marketing tasks. The price range is affordable for everyone and the list of features is an extensive one. It provides the best SEO services for your website in order to increase customer traffic and ultimately giving a huge boost to sales and profits. The Google Ads feature just acts as the icing on the cake and proves to be extremely successful for small business owners.

Race Entry

The easy registration process, integration with your Facebook account, get started within no time, RaceEntry allows swift marketing processes online for your businesses of every domain. The software allows free demo for interested customers to have a look at the type of services that are being provided by Race Entry. You can race up the registration process with the help of innovative and swiftly available features. Quick management also allows you to increase the number of participants.

Competitors App

If you have any concerns about the marketing trends of your competitors, you can try out the Competitors App to have a detailed look at the marketing practices of the competitors and maybe, apply some of the trends to your business such as Drum Set Lab. You can add and remove the competitors as per your choice. It keeps hold of the SEO practices of other companies, Keyword researches, Google Ad Campaigns, and much more. It will help you in rectifying your mistakes by following the strengths of your competitors.


GetResponse is one of the most comprehensive and effective marketing apps for your business. It is a collection of all the tools and tricks that can help you in bringing more traffic to your website and increasing the overall customer count, one example is Hunting Bow Lab. You can have an insight about your regular customers, you can have an idea about your most selling products. Once you are well aware of these areas, you can use targeted campaigns to attract more people to the business.

3DVista Virtual Tour Suite

3DVista Virtual Tour Suite is a software-providing company that makes virtual tour software for its clients as per their requirements. You can download the trial features before paying for the subscription. Apart from that, the software company also provides E-Learning training courses for people who want to learn more about the field. In order to give the customers a trusted option, they are presented with fully guided virtual tours. Moreover, the 3DVista app can be downloaded for free.


You bring the idea, Symplify will transform it into the software of your choice. It specializes in market automation and conversion optimization that are significant tools for developing healthy relationships with the customers. Your business will be given a much-needed boost and you can relish your innovative idea being transformed into a fully functional business suite. Different channels of communication are used to help the customers in every possible manner. Trust Symplify and get all your business marketing processes streamlined for you.


GoGoGuest is a must to have a tool to transform the visitors into your regular customers. The software focuses completely on the engagement with the customer that will surely prove fruitful for your business. The integration with the customers allows you to get complete insights about the visiting people and ultimately those visitors can be targeted for marketing campaigns. GoGoGuest can lead your business enterprises to new heights of success in a shorter period of time.

Mail Magic

As the name suggests, Mail Magic specializes in the domain of Email marketing. The response rate is high and the overall costs are low which makes it a good strategy for low-budget and effective marketing campaigns. It establishes the strategy by having a consultation with the clients. Mail Magic deals in the business of all sizes and come up with influential Email marketing tactics to help your business grow at a quick pace. You can download the app’s guide for free to have a better understanding of its working.


SproutVideo is one of the top-ranked video hosting platforms for businesses. It does not matter whether you want to host a meeting of the company’s higher administration or you want to launch a new product in a meeting, SproutVideo has got to cover all domains. Moreover, the software also helps you in analyzing the activities and interests of the customers only to be ultimately targeted for marketing campaigns. The good thing is that all these features are available on a free 1-month trial.

Bottom Line

In the fast-paced world of today, things are moving towards digital platforms at a rapid pace. The same goes for the marketing techniques. The above passage is about some of the best Shopify marketing apps currently in business. Have a look, decide wisely, and get your hands on the best marketing apps.

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