Here Are Few Reasons Why Are Grocery Delivery Mobile Applications Gaining Popularity In Recent Days?

  • By Tarun Nagar
  • 18-02-2021
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Grocery shopping is not a concept that was adopted from the west. Grocery shopping has been prevalent and a part of daily life since time immemorial. The traditional way was to go to a retail grocery shop and buy what you need on a daily basis. The economy back then was hand-to-mouth and hence people only bought what they needed for that day. After the industrial revolution took place, the standards of living rose and people switched to supermarkets where they had more options and better prices. The circle of time spun again and top mobile app development companies invested in grocery shopping applications that delivered groceries to the user’s doorstep.

Grocery Delivery Apps - The Underdog Trend
People now live fast-paced, working non-stop in order to afford a comfortable lifestyle. Therefore, grocery shopping becomes a hectic task to fit in a busy schedule. Regardless of how hectic or time-consuming it may be, it is essential and cannot be avoided totally. Companies and even huge supermarket brands hire dedicated developers to take this task of grocery shopping virtual. People belonging to all kinds of households are now opting for online grocery shopping for the simple reason that it is easy and feasible.

Tech companies have admitted that it has huge earning potential and is fairly the new trendsetter in terms of app ideas for the past few years. Some very compelling statistical data has shown how grocery delivery app development has garnered popularity and is becoming the sector where enormous investment has been made. Statistics reveal that forty-three percent of shoppers now prefer grocery delivery mobile applications over real-time grocery shopping. Another staggeringly high number is the one hundred and twenty million dollars of gross revenue that was earned by the top five grocery apps in just three months in the year 2015. After the pandemic hit, these numbers are estimated to have increased three times even after things will get back to normal.

Reasons Why Grocery Delivery Apps Are Gaining Popularity
Let us now look at why grocery delivery mobile applications are becoming immensely popular nowadays among the general public as well as with full-stack development services.

1. Time-saving: The average time spent by a customer each time they visit a grocery store is about forty-one minutes. If an average person makes two trips per week, one big and one small, then the total time spent at a grocery store every year will come up to fifty-three hours. Imagine the amount of time saved when an on-demand app development company introduces a delivery app where one can simply click on the item quantity and pay online. Another daily activity simplified with mobile applications!

2. Convenient: Every mobile app development company that developed a grocery app has eliminated the tedious task of grocery shopping and made it a leisure activity. The steps involved in grocery shopping are long and tedious. First, a person must take a shopping cart that is always stuck up due to bad maintenance. Then parade around the whole store or supermarket to find each item and then stand in long queues to get it billed, and finally, carry all the groceries very inconveniently to homes. With a grocery app, all one needs to do is select items from a large range of products, their quantities, purchase through convenient payment options, and track the delivery on the app with a glass of wine from the comfort of their homes.

3. Improve Customer Engagement: Understanding consumer behavior is very important to keep a business relevant and earn a sustainable profit. From the point of on-demand delivery app development companies, it is very important to track and understand what the customers prefer and their likes and dislikes. The collection of data from an app can be easily optimized to improve the grocery apps and provide customized services.

4. Manage Budget: How many times have we purchased unnecessary items and wasted money just because it was right there on the shelf and we gave in to the temptation? Companies that hire mobile app developers have also put an end to this as one can directly search items in the app and save the trouble of browsing through the entire store. This has resulted in saving a lot of money that was squandered before on impulsive buys.

5. Abundant Discounts And Deals: Whether it is an edible item, utensils, or daily products, grocery shops have a discount on every item. There are thousands of options with a number of deals and coupons and special days with maximum deals. While the idea may not be original, it is surely effective every time. A mobile application development company engages in a cut-throat competition to make profits and the customers get huge benefits out of this through discounts and deals.

6. Initiate Loyalty Programmes: Every Android app development company will aim to have a loyalty program before creating any application. The same goes for a grocery delivering mobile app. Having loyal customers is very important to expand the life of an app because not only do they guarantee a stable profit but also open channels to bring in new customers. Therefore, through delivery apps, customers can avail of rewards points and special services through the loyalty programs.

Closing Thoughts
There will come a time in the near future mobile app developers for hire will work specifically to create such object-oriented applications to simplify the task of grocery delivery and shopping. Grocery delivery apps are fundamental nowadays due to the emergence of the pandemic. It is not only hassle-free but also time and money-saving. A large number of people have already switched to grocery shopping apps because of the convenience and feasibility.

Top tech companies are investing in grocery shopping and delivery apps because of it being a trendsetter. Grocery apps among Android users are fairly popular. The time now is for an iPhone app development company to release a grocery shopping app that is iOS exclusive. Times have truly changed and will keep on evolving as long as new trends in technology are introduced.

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