How Mobile Apps Can Bring In A New Era Of Employee Engagement

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  • 17-02-2020
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With the increase in competition among businesses across industries today, every organization needs to maintain a steady workforce that remains engaged consistently to meet the desired aims and objectives. With the advancements in the latest technologies, companies are incorporating interactive techniques to ensure workforce collaboration and engagement with ease and efficiency.

Before getting into the details of the discussion, let us first understand the meaning and scope of employee engagement.

Meaning of employee engagement

In order to stand out in today’s competitive market, companies need to inculcate a feeling of oneness among their employees so that they can contribute their best from within and not just for promotion or increase in their paychecks. In other words, the emotional commitment of the existing resources has to be linked with the goals of the companies. This can be done by encouraging employees to participate in the day to day decision-making process or even for taking strategic steps to boost productivity and revenue.

Scope of employee engagement

Connection, support and involvement are the three basic tenets through which employees can be engaged to accomplish distinctive and measurable targets. By connection, we mean identifying able or competent resources who can deliver the desired output within the given timeline. Through this step, you can easily motivate your employees by assigning those tasks in which they are specialised. Next comes the involvement part. Here the identified resources will be assigned their key responsibility areas so that even the minute details get covered without any hassle. This will also help your employees focus on those areas in which they are highly proficient. Thus they will feel committed towards their roles and responsibilities. Next is the support which should be given to all employees so that they can resolve their issues and can gain new skills in the process for completing their assigned jobs. This can actually motivate them to take up challenges and bring in innovation in their working procedures to achieve better than the best.

Now hopefully you are convinced that employee engagement is truly vital in making your business stand out in today’s competition. But how to make this possible? In the current era of innovation and digitization, technologies have gained prominence to make businesses prominent across the globe. Mobile applications have come into the scenario to make your employees connected and engaged in achieving the desired goals. A popular mobile app development company can provide you with tailor-made solutions that can attract and retain employees for good by making them loyal towards your brands’ values and mission.

Now let us check out how by using mobile applications you can engage your employees by developing an emotional connect.

Empowering workers with flexibility

If you look for top employee benefits, flexibility is one of the prominent ones that can help you attract and engage young and energetic employees. With mobile apps, you can connect with all your employees irrespective of their location to measure their daily work output. This will be of immense importance especially if you have your presence in remote locations. Flexible workers can be more productive as they are free from the burden of frequent interruption or control.

Enabling smooth and flawless business communication

Using mobile apps you can also initiate business meetings or discussions prior to the launching of any products or services. This will actually help you to have an idea about how your business offerings can fare after their first launch. In addition to this, you can also have mobile apps comprising the diverse perspectives of the HR department-payroll, attendance, benefits like insurance, PF, PT, ESI etc. Thus by using mobile apps both the employees and the employers can save their precious time as they can access all their information just by a few clicks. This definitely reduces the friction between the top management and its people and helps in developing a cordial relationship with mutual trust and benefits.

Streamlining workflows with alerts, notifications, and updates

Mobile app for employees can help you manage your workflows with necessary updates and status so that you can measure the gap between the actual productivity and those that have been planned. Here transparency is an important element that can bring in efficiency among the workforce to enhance the overall output. Using mobile apps you can engage all employees with tasks suited as per their skills and knowledge. Also, it will encourage employees to perform better and in a smart way as all their peers and seniors will work in the same direction towards achieving common goals. Features like recent updates and alerts will make the resources equipped with all that has been done and also those that need to be completed within a given time period. You can also incorporate client feedback mechanism in your apps to ensure timely rectification of errors for better results or customer/user experience.

Stability towards learning and development

Both learning and development are equally important to retain your employees by making them engaged with a constructive urge to perform better and with competency. Mobile app development can be done for learning or training purposes so that the skills and abilities of the available resources can be strengthened to gain a competitive advantage. With mobile apps, both learning and training can be fun and interactive for the employees. They can learn at their own pace using mobile applications. Also, they can rectify their mistakes without causing any real harm or injuries. On one hand, it saves valuable time as the employees do not need to travel or attend training session sessions to enhance their core competencies. On the other hand, the companies also do not have to invest money to hire trainers who need to travel distant parts for imparting training.

In addition to this learning and training apps have visually impressive content which can engage employees so that they can actually experience a simulative scenario for their professional growth and development. Especially for industries which involve use of heavy equipment, apps can teach the workers’ safety training procedures to avoid physical injuries.
This can instil confidence among the employees to perform better and with accuracy.

Some of the apps that can engage employees better are listed below:

Mobile app development is now widely used by different industries for varied reasons and employee engagement is one of those. Check out some of the popular employee engagement apps used by companies across the globe:

Microsoft Lync

In this app, you can have a unified communication platform where phone, video, instant messaging and collaborative work environment can be blended into one place. Using this app you can view the availability of the colleagues in real-time and along with that, you can also choose the best way to communicate-phone call, email or IM. Apart from this, it also helps in getting connected to conference calls with a single touch. It also enables users not to miss any calls by forwarding or simultaneously ringing calls to Enterprise Voice (Lync ID).


This app is considered to be the Facebook for the workplace. This application works great as an engagement and communication tool. Using this app the entire communication can be consolidated and depending on the priorities messages can be made private or open. Files can also be shared through this app and you can tag concerned people so that the communication can reach to those only who are involved in a particular project or assignment.


This is another popular app belonging to this category. With its in-built gamification features, it also serves as a tool for employee rewards, idea generation, pulse survey. Apart from these, it also helps in engaging employees by fostering e-learning, 360-degree feedback, goal setting and performance management. With its talent management approach, this app is highly suitable in this era when retaining the available resources always remain a vital concern for companies big or small.

The importance of mobile app for employees has been discussed in this post to give you an idea, how technologies can be applied in measuring today’s human capital. Engaging the employees is a major task for every company to ensure long term growth and development along with minimising expenses and maximising productivity. Right from motivating employees to allocating specific tasks for better efficiency, mobile apps are capable in all respects. Last but not the least, as engaged employees are emotionally linked with the company’s goals and objectives they can be trained whenever necessary to stay competitive.


Using mobile apps is probably one of the fastest ways to engage your employees by making them satisfied and loyal. Some of the popular apps used in this regard have also been mentioned for your better understanding. With mobile apps, you can evaluate the performance of your employees so that able and competent people can get promoted to places of power and position. Employees need to be connected, supported and involved rightly and at the right place so that the quality of the final output does not get compromised. All these 3 components when put together can make the employees engaged for achieving common business goals and targets.

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