How To Create A Successful Mobile App For Your Business in 2021-22?

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mobile app development process 2021

This is an era of digitization, and we have mobile apps for almost everything you can think of. We can even say that mobile apps are now an integral part of our life.

There are approximately 3.22 million and 2.22 million mobile apps in the Play Store and App Store respectively.

Adding more to it, many industries observed a complete revolution in the way they do business after digitization. The biggest example that hailed mobile apps is Uber. The launch of the Uber app inspired almost every industry to get digital.

So, do you own a business or plan for a startup? Are you confused about how to develop an ideal mobile app for your business/startup?

This might be true, as the entire mobile app development process consists of so many small and big steps to follow.

The article covers a list of the most important steps that you need to follow for creating a mobile app.

Let’s deep dive into mobile app development.

How Does Mobile App Development Process Work?

Basically, the complete mobile app development process consists of several parts. Here, we’ve mentioned the few most important steps to create a mobile app. Let’s get into it step by step.

App Research
The first and most important step for any app development process is complete research and analysis on the industry domain. You must know what’s trending in the market, and also about your competitor.

Try learning about the problems being faced by the people, and give a solution for the same via your mobile app. Market research helps you decide the features and functionalities of your mobile app.

Besides, you can make your app competitive enough to stay in the market. A few key points of this phase are,

Research on Competition
Learn About Your Target Audience
Built App Goals & Business Objectives
Work on the Business Model
Choose the App Development Platform.
Decide Technology Stack

UI/UX Design of an App

It is an essential part of the app development process, as this is the first step from where you will visualize your app idea into reality.

To attract users to your app, its UI/UX design plays an important role. Henceforth, you need to pay a special focus to this step of creating a mobile app.

The peak aim of any UI/UX app design is to deliver a fluent user experience and easy navigation. However, the entire app design process is divided into many sub-parts like wireframes, mockups, prototypes, and then comes the final design.

Let us share a short glimpse of all these subparts

WireFrames: The first time your app idea is designed on paper with the help of the wireframes. These are the digital form of sketches and conceptual layouts which are also known as low fidelity mockups.

Style Guide: It is known as a living document wherein the design standards come into existence for various platforms. Everything like font family, colour schemes, company brand, and so on are decided in this phase of the design process.

MockUps: High fidelity designs are the final version before rendering the app designs.

Prototypes: A click-through prototype for stimulating the user experience, and working on the app flow. You can even call it an early stage of testing the app design.

After all these sub-parts, the app design process comes to an end.

App Development Process

You can call it the soul of the entire phase of developing an application. We can call planning an integral part of the process, though the app development execution is more crucial.

The three core sub parts of this phase are backend development, frontend development, and API development.

Backend Development: The entire thing that works in the background of the app is covered here. Be it about sending or receiving messages from the server, storing the data, supporting functions, and so on.

API Development: You can call an API as a core bridge between the application, and the backend server. Almost every type of app requires API development.

Frontend Development: A part of the app with which the end-user will interact. For Android App development, Kotlin or Java is the best language. Whereas for iOS app development, most of the companies prefer Objective C or Swift programming language.

The final app is developed here and then moved forward to the next phase for the final testing of the app.

Testing of the App

Mobile app testing makes it more stable, reliable, and bug-free. Henceforth, most of the businesses carry out thorough testing before its final deployment.

Most app development companies follow two types of app testing that is functional and non-functional testing. To ensure comprehensive testing of the app, it is divided into two parts. Let us elaborate on these terms!

Functional testing: The main goal of functional testing is to ensure that all the features are thoroughly tested and no bug remains during its final app launch.

Non-Functional Testing: The non-functional testing like performance, security, device, platform, etc, are carried out here.

App Launch

So, everything from planning, designing, development and testing is completed for your app, and it’s time for the final showdown!

Yes, we’re talking about the final stage of the mobile app development process that is the deployment of the application. The guidelines for the app launch varies for Android and iOS platforms.

For app development, you need to follow the strict guidelines of the App Store and Play Store. Besides, it will work as a key advantage if you build a pre-and post-marketing plan for your app launch.

A key point to take note of here is to keep upgrading the features of your app in order to attract users to it.

The Concluding Thought
So, that’s all on the mobile app development process system. The only thing you need to take care of is about choosing the best mobile app development company for your startup/business. We would recommend you to make a list of some best app development companies and then choose the one that you find the most appropriate one.

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