Top 8 Mobile Application That Were Famous In 2019

  • By Vanessa Park
  • 11-09-2019
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famous mobile apps in 2019

There are millions of Android and iOS apps out there that have topped the charts for the year 2019 and iOS and Android app development agencies are still working to increase the numbers. However, their use is limited to the people using them and how they tend to make themselves familiar with them.

Here are the top 8 famous mobile applications of 2019:




Snapchat is a messaging application that is used to transfer videos, photos, and messages to your friends without any charges. It became so much popular in a very short period of time. iOS and Android development agencies made a very special feature that makes it differ from other forms of videos, photos, and messages sharing app, notably that the message automatically disappears from recipient’s phone after a few seconds of time. It allows the user to send their photos, videos, and messages to their phone device contact lists and in addition users can also share with their nearby people.



PRICE: Free /9.99$ per month/ 95.99$ per year.

Duolingo is the best free android app popular for self-learning and most downloaded educational app in the world. People can learn anywhere, anytime. Its learning feature helps the people to attract towards learning and enhancing their skills by including gamification in courses. This gamification feature actually motivates the people to meet certain goals and helps in obtaining good rewards to boost the learning process.

3. ESPN:


PRICE: 4.99$ monthly/ 49.99$ yearly.

Sports is among the top favorite hobbies of people whether it be Basketball, Football, Hockey, etc. Every person tries to reach for live streaming of their favorite sport when there is a season of leagues. ESPN provides a platform to all type of sports lovers who are willing to reach live streaming, who are willing to enjoy past tournaments. Its features give the users access to Scores of their favorite teams or leagues, users can live stream, watch match highlights and can also enable the alerts so that they can always be updated.



PRICE: Free/ 9.99$ per month

Spotify app provides music streaming services to its users. It is compatible with Mobile, Tablet, TV, and computer that helps the users to listen to music everywhere. It allows the users to download music of major labels to listen offline. Listening music on Spotify is absolutely free but the user may suffer ads and occasional audio between the music. Those users who want to remove ads and occasional audio can pay for Spotify premium so that they can enjoy uninterrupted free music anywhere, any time.




1Weather is a weather widget that keeps you updated of the weather forecast of your current location as well as up to 10 locations of your choosing. Its features include 7 days Temperature, precipitation, and Humidity forecast, also it shows Graphical representation of temperature and precipitation and can track sunrise and sunshine time, It has a function of severe weather alerts that helps you to stay prepared all the time. This app is available in 20+ different languages to capture users from worldwide.


youtube kids


YouTube Kids is a video streaming app that was developed by YouTube. It is created for the kids to explore the world from YouTube simply and safely. It provides restrictions to kids to access to family-friendly videos on all different type of topics. It has a customized function to limit the screen, easy access to watch it again, page to easily know what your kids are watching and what they are trying to explore on the basis of their interest. It’s blocking and flagging function won’t let inappropriate videos or channels display again.




Airbnb is an online travelling app that offers tourism and lodging. The company basically provides a platform to both host and guests and acts as a broker thus receiving only commission for each booking. Its feature provides flexibility to guests to search for lodging, specific type of homes, breakfast, etc. At the time of reservation, the guests have to provide their personal information, date of travelling, and their government-issued identity card. The pricing of the journey is determined by the host with the recommendation of Airbnb company policy.




Amazon shopping app is used to shop millions of products from around the world in just simple and easy way by the app. This app deals with every type of product from all over the world, to make an order, you need to sign up to the Amazon app, then just simply make an order of your desired product, enter the destination of your product and the payment information then click on the proceed option. It has a very special feature making it different from other online shopping apps, comparing the price of the desired product by simply scanning the barcode. Moreover, this app provides you a hand free feature to help you shop by using your voice to search for products, to track your orders and much more making it one of the best apps of 2019.

Above mentioned apps aren’t just user-friendly and collaborative but are there to be used to stay activate in this vast technological world. By using these apps you can shop online, learn online, and you can plan your vacations easily from home making them the best iOS and Android apps in 2019.

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