Why You Might Think Of Option Of GB Whatsapp And Not The Regular Whatsapp

  • By Olivia Wilson
  • 26-08-2019
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gb whatsapp

A lot of discussion of late has centered on GB whatsapp that promises to be a modified version of the original whatsapp. Below are some of the features that have tilted the balance towards GB whatsapp and let us explore some of the features of this modified version of whatsapp.

The focus of GB whatsapp is related to privacy settings

A major piece of attraction with GB whatsapp is related to privacy settings. You can go on to hide a lot of information on your profile activity on Whatsapp. By doing so you can hide whether you have gone on to see the status of someone, the blue tick shows whether you have gone on to read a message, a second tick will reveal whether a message has been delivered and even the status would show on you tying a message.

With GB whatsapp you possess the ability to hide and even lock chats. All that needs to be done is to incorporate a passcode on your app meaning that no one can go on to open it with your permission. The main reason why a lot of people go on to use this app as illustrated in social media settings is because of the privacy aspect.

The experience of Whatsapp ceases to be a feature you have control

The main because people have an inclination to this version of Whatsapp is the levels of control. To enhance the look of your app there are a variety of custom features available. Even the colour and notification of the app can be changed. When it comes to controlling you have the capacity to remain online for 24 hours but do run the risk of your battery running out quickly.

Rather than the present customs, you can go on to formulate your own customs. In case if you are planning to share it with others you can choose the GB whatsapp, and it is going to be added to the list of themes already present. In addition, you are going to get an alert if your friend has gone on to change their profile picture or even when they have gone offline. Though this might sound a bit creepy to a lot of people it does help to strike a conversation with someone when they are online.

A general perception among users is that they want to do a lot with an app that it is supposed to do so. With the help of this app, you can not only send more but even it is possible to write more. With the help of a GB whatsapp, you can go on to churn out a broadcast message to 600 people at the same time and in a single click 90 images rather than the traditional 60 images.

In a nutshell, these are some of the features that you have heard people mention the most. These are the features that have forced people to use this app.Get best mobile app development services from leading mobile app development company.

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