12 Essential Sections to a High-Converting Landing Page

  • By Linda Hartley
  • 26-10-2021
  • SEO
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Making a phenomenal landing page is no biggie – but it requires exertion. There is an immense need for businesses to make a landing page that gives customers what exactly they want. That means going far and beyond simple designing. Something that looks compelling. So, how can you understand the entire process and unleash your landing page? What exactly a landing page is? The objective of a great landing page is to increase the overall conversion rates to reach the business growth goals.

A landing page could either be your home page or any other page within your taxonomy. Every homepage has its purpose – mostly to inform and act as a gateway. However, a landing page is often promoted via Google AdWords and other similar services.

Sections to high-converting landing pages

1) An engaging headline

A catchy headline is where the game begins. So, it should be interesting, provoking, and attentive. It lets the users either stay or leave the landing page.

What a headline should accomplish?

- The headline should be catchy enough to grab the attention of users.
- The headline should tell the users about the products and services you provide.
- There is an immense need for a headline to be short and precise. Limit it to ten words, and It should not exceed above twenty words.
However, if your headline is complemented with an image, then there is no need to go into detail. The application should be short, precise, and on point.

2) Persuasive subheadings

The next crucial section to create an effective landing page is the persuasive headings. If the subheadings are persuasive enough to make the visitors stay, then you are going to the right place.

What to keep in mind for creating persuasive headings?

- Usually, the persuasive headline is directly positioned beneath the headline.
- There is an immense need for subheadings to have a few elements of persuasiveness.
- The subheading should be more detailed than the main headline.

3) Pictures

Visual content is an indispensable component of all the landing pages that work. The brand tends to process images better than words.
So, while selecting the images, always ensure

- The picture is large.
- The picture should be exceedingly relevant to the product and service. However, if you are selling any physical product, your landing page must contain the image of the product.

4) An explanation

There is an immense need for your landing page to be clear and precise. After all, a potential customer needs to understand what your product/service is about. So, a straightforward explanation is indispensable.

Things to keep in mind before making a landing page for your business

- Either integrate your application with the headline or keep it entirely separate.
- An explanation should always be benefit-oriented. Explanations are always functional, but functionality should always be tilted in the user’s favor.
So, an application should not necessarily be separated from the headline or sub-headline.

5) Methods of contact

Businesses need to make clear that their business is legit on the landing pages. The persuasive landing pages include a phone number, physical address, email address, a contact form, etc.

- Provide some assurance while adding contact information that you are a real company.
- Live chats are not a must-have, but they are exceedingly helpful. If you use a live chat, always ensure to have some convincing reasons.

6) A guarantee

Customers tend to love guarantees. No matter how a guarantee is presented, it helps potential customers feel reassured on the landing pages. This word itself improves the overall likelihood of a conversion.
Guarantees come in various forms. So, always choose a type of guarantee that fits perfectly with your business type. Also, do not forget to mention the type of guarantee on your landing page.

7) A powerful CTA

To come up with a high converting landing page, it is important to have a strong call to action. No element of a landing page is as important as the CTA. After all, this is the element that drives the attention of many users. This is what converts visitors into customers.

8) Go above and beyond with the value proposition

The value proposition of a landing page is most commonly designed as a service that makes a company or product attractive for many. And when it comes to the landing page of your company, the answer needs to be featured prominently.

9) Keep things and language simple

Many websites pack their product sites with many landing pages. Many products appear in front of you, and that creates a sense of dilemma among many.

10) Show a social proof to people

Social proof refers to likes, shares, pins, and more. Always tend to display them prominently on the landing page. Social media and recommendations play an imperative role in purchasing many decisions.

- Always use testimonials from real people. Celebrities are great, but there is no need to have testimonials from these people.
- Use pictures. They are the cornerstone of testimonials.

11) Use a sales pitch video

Videos are one of the best ways to provide relevant information to customers. Videos generate a lot of global traffic.

12) Remove the navigation elements

The best landing pages keep all of their essential elements on one page. If you want your visitors to stay connected to the page, then remove the unnecessary navigation elements.

Always ensure that all the crucial elements follow a logical flow so that users keep moving towards CTA. Also, this is one of the best ways through which you can accomplish the goals.

Wrap up

A high-converting landing page is one of the best places through which your efforts can come to fruition. This is the place where customers click, buy, and your business generates revenue.

Creating a high-converting landing page is no rocket science. Just focus on the aforementioned elements and you will engage visitors and convert them into customers.

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