4 Tips For Designing An SEO Friendly Website In 2021

  • By Usman Ali
  • 11-02-2021
  • SEO
seo friendly website in 2021

As the old saying goes, a website without SEO is like expecting a car driving without fuel. If you are launching a new website or intend to optimize an already established one, you can never put the SEO option off the table while expecting the site to do well. If search engine, let say Google doesn’t know who you are and what your website offers, then there is no good use of having a website that never gets noticed under the search engine radar.

To cut it short, what an SEO friendly website does is it makes the site spot on to the search engine bots and crawlers. However, if the site is not SEO friendly, it won’t get any attention from the search engine algorithm. Now wondering how to make the bots come and find your website - that’s where the concept of SEO kicks in. While managing business and all other operations on your own, it is thus, imperative to consult your website project with well-reputed SEO Services in Dubai company consultants to bring more out of your site in terms of ramping up traffic and conversion.

There are multiple tips and factors needed to be taken into account while designing an SEO friend website. For instance;

1. Onsite Site Content Optimization

Content is king and can be a devil too. As part of the on-page SEO, onsite content is the first and foremost major ranking factor that search engine considers and value the most on every website. Search engine bots crave fresh, unique, relevant, and never-before-published content. If you somehow inadvertently or intentionally add content on your website that is copied and pasted, the search engine bots know it and find it convenient to skip it and bounce to the next website. Thus if you want to bring your site under the search engine radar, the site content has to be way below the benchmark of plagiarism metrics.

If you are starting from scratch and think you can crack the content that is utterly unique and dully aligned with the business products and services— that’s great. Otherwise, put yourself in the shoes of your immediate competitors and see what their website’s content looks like. In-depth competitor analysis is very essential as it allows you to come up with your creative ways to outrank the competitors with quality and well-researched onsite content.

Here are some tips to consider while crafting your onsite content.

• Words Count: The more words you put out on your website’s content, the more value the search engine allocates to your website and considers it as an authority site.

• Customer’s Centric Content: When writing onsite content on your own or may consider outsourcing it to an SEO services provider, be mindful of the fact that your content has to be designed for customers and not exclusively for search engine alone. Keeping in mind the end-user while articulating your onsite content proved to be very handy in terms of resolving the end-user queries and perhaps leading to more business leads. Therefore, it highly essential not to use phrases and words that are not easy to comprehend. You can leverage multiple third-party tools that provide a detailed overview of the readability of the content for your intended audience.

• Content Interlinking: Interlinking a website’s subpages and services across onsite content is a handy trick that search engine’sdeep crawlers find convenient to chock on.

2. Loading Speed Optimization

The loading speed of the website is another equally important ranking factor for an SEO friendly website. If you have a stunning website that is equipped with 100% unique content— great. However, if the site isn’t loading fast enough, no one will stick and wait till your site loads up. Usually, web developers install plugins and extensions and remove glitches that ultimately speed up the site loading speed and get you more visitors on your website.

3. Website Responsiveness

With the immense penetration of the internet and portable gadgets, online consumerism today has advanced leafs and bounds. As the stats depict, more than 80% of people carry out the search and surf process with hand gadgets like smartphones and tablets. This is a huge market segment your business might be losing if your site isn’t responsive across multiple portable devices. Today, from booking a ride to shopping online, people usually revert to their smart devices in their hands and get their queries resolved.

4. Website Design & UX/UI

In the website development sector, the term design lingers around us forever. Design refers to the aesthetical attributes and user interface related features. It involves the overall layout of the website and the integration of media such as eye-catchy images and themes that grab attention and provoke the end-users to adhere to your website.

Final Words

Search engine likes websites that abide by their rolls and policies and rank them up accordingly. Many things can go wrong if there is a lack of understanding that how websites should be designed and properly fueled with ethical SEO practices. As part of the On-Page SEO, content optimization, website speed optimization responsiveness, and website design are major ranking factors that need to be fully embedded into a website.

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