5 Great Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your App Store Page and Get More Downloads

  • By Lauren Wiseman
  • 15-10-2020
  • SEO
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In this digital day and age, it seems that there is an app for everything. Now, that might inherently sound like a bad thing, like we are losing touch with the world around us, but in reality, having an app for everything is the only way to handle the hectic nature of 21st century life. You know this, your customers know this, so yeah, you need an app for your business if you are to pave the road to long-term success in the years to come.

That said, it’s no longer enough to just roll out an app and wait for it to get millions of downloads and skyrocket your business, because the app game is becoming more competitive by the day. With that in mind, here are five great ways to drive more traffic to your app store page.

Optimize your app store page
First and foremost, you need to optimize the page itself for the search engines. Yes, your app page works like any other page on the web, and if you want Google to put you at the top of the SERPs, you need to make sure the page is completely optimized.

You can start by researching and integrating the right keywords. Be sure to use only the keywords that are related to your app, and avoid mentioning any competitors or the word “app”. Next, optimize the title and add a detailed description that will give more information about the app. Sprinkle in your best keywords. Lastly, don’t forget to integrate high-quality visuals like app photos and videos, and optimize them to appeal to your exact demographic.

Leverage top-quality content to market your app
Content reigns supreme in the online realm, and that includes your app store page. While it is imperative that your content reflects your brand voice and portrays your brand identity in the best possible light, you also have to make sure that the content speaks to your audience. After all, what good is it to have an amazing brand voice if the content is not customer-oriented?

With that in mind, make sure to take your time crafting every message and piece of content on the page, focusing on evoking the right emotions instead of listing the benefits of your app. In fact, your content should take the user on a journey, and inspire them to envision themselves using the app. At the bottom, you can list all its features in bullet points to create a well-rounded content page.

Use Google AdWords to your advantage
You might have not been aware of this before, but you can actually drive traffic to your app store page through Google AdWords. This should come as no surprise, of course, because apps are a multi-billion-dollar industry currently, and it would be very unwise for Google to prevent businesses from advertising their app store pages. That said, app store advertisement is not easy, and there are many variables that will determine the success of your ad campaigns.

This is why businesses are increasingly opting for professional AdWords management in an attempt to minimize financial waste and maximize results over the long term. Your preferred AdWords agency should conduct all the necessary research and planning, find the right keywords, optimize all ad text, monitor and analyze all your campaigns, and funnel traffic to your app store page consistently to get your app trending and incentivize more downloads. Of course, if you’re well-versed in all things AdWords, then you can try to manage your campaigns by yourself.

Spread the word of your app through relevant channels
Some of the most effective dissemination channels in the world include email and social media, and you should use both to spread the word of your amazing app. Firstly, make sure your brand is present on all popular social media networks, and aim to drive traffic to your store page through compelling storytelling, because that’s one of the best app marketing techniques out there.

Don’t just blatantly promote it, instead, focus on guiding your visitors to the store page by telling a story and showing them how your app can change their lives. The same goes for your email campaigns, but in the case of the latter, you need to create a compelling subject line with inspirational CTAs in the body of the email.

Bank on user-generated content to drive traffic
People trust other people more than they trust corporations. If you want them to visit your store, you have to show them that others are using and are satisfied with your app. Leverage user-generated content to inspire customers to check out your app by showing them that others love what you have to offer, instead of using stock photos and template corporate videos.

Wrapping up
The app game is getting more competitive by the day, but you still need an amazing app to take your mobile app agency to the next level. Use these tactics to drive traffic to your app store page and inspire users to fall in love with your brand.

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Lauren Wiseman

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