Ensure Your Content Reflects Your Brand Voice

  • By Jessica Jones
  • 10-10-2020
  • Digital Marketing
content reflects your brand voice

What if your brand was a person? Imagine how they would talk, what words they would use and what personality they would have. For instance, you can imagine your brand as a great storyteller. Then, they must have this persuasive attitude with an amalgamation of honesty, humanity, imagination, compassion and humour.

Similarly, you may think of innumerable qualities that you want your brand to have. All these qualities would combine and form what we call ‘a brand’s voice’.

Many marketers focus on the outlook of their brand like their logo or the colour combinations to be used on their website. But they often forget what language would be used in their social media posts or their press releases. The words that you use to communicate with your audience play an important role in making your brand a success.

In other words, your brand’s voice is as important as the looks of your brand. They help you stand apart from your competitors and leave an impact among your audiences. A recent survey revealed that almost 40% of the consumers think that a brand’s identity is reflected by how memorable their content is while 32% of the customers focused on the storytelling factor of a brand.

Finding Your Brand’s Voice

● Pick up three words - Just think of three words that could represent your brand. For instance, you might choose authenticity as one of your words. Then, think of some qualities that would help you represent yourself as an authentic brand. Use such words in your social media posts, blogs and website.

● Look for samples - Find examples that impress you the most when it comes to brand voice. These could be bits of content that you liked on the internet, some pieces of content from your competitor’s website or content from blogs and ebooks. Join together all these examples and try to create a unique language for your brand.

● Decide a tone - The tone of your brand is important at times. For instance, if you are putting up a social media post or posting a blog, you must write in a formal tone. Using slangs and jargon might seem unprofessional. But, when you are handling your customers, you must have a conversational tone so that they can understand you and their queries can be resolved. Similarly, if you are sharing some bad news, you must sound serious. So pick up different tones as per the circumstances and create reference content for your brand voice.

Ensuring That Your Content Reflects Your Brand’s Voice

1 Set Some Goals
You must have a clear picture in mind about how you want to represent your brand. Create your mission and vision statements first. Make sure you sound powerful and passionate. Then, use them as a reference to create headlines and other content of your brand. Keep a list of references for every department as it would help them create content accordingly. Also, define what ‘not to do’ when it comes to brand voice so that you understand your boundaries clearly.

2 Do Not Fake It
You do not have to borrow someone else’s ideas for your brand. Use your voice to represent your brand. This would make it look more real and authentic. A copied tone or an irregular voice might confuse your audience and they might not get along with you. If you are unable to find out what your voice is, turn towards your customers and try to understand what they are looking for. See what appeals to them or what do they expect from your brand and then base your content on that. Your customers will like your brand even more and you will find your voice.

3 Work On The Visuals
Online content today is also about pictures and videos and colour schemes. Pick them wisely. For instance, if you are a brand that targets women then you might want to use colours like pink or shades of red as they are preferred by women. You might include flowers or candles. Similarly, your logo must also reflect your brand’s identity. You must also work on the layout of your website, the landing pages and the online shop. All these when put together nicely enhance your brand’s voice.

4 A Pinch Of Emotion
Being able to make personal connections with your customers is of the utmost importance through your brand’s voice. You might have ten different competitors in the market, but they might not have a story to tell like you. They might not be able to make an emotional connection with the audience. After all, you are not here just to sell a product, you are here to impact the lives of your customers and provide them with something that they will value.

5 The Right Platform
How you are channelling your voice matters. You must know where your audience is so that you can be there too. Otherwise, they might not even get your message. For instance, more than half of the world today is using social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook and if you are just focusing on TV commercials or newspaper advertisements, you might never reach the audience you intend to.

6 Feedback Can Help
You might be doing your best to reach more customers and creating a unique identity for your brand. But getting feedback on whether you are being able to communicate your ideas properly is a must. A survey might be useful in such cases where you can ask your customers a bunch of questions and understand whether you are being able to justify their expectations or not. You may even ask some open-ended questions like what do they feel about the values of your brand or how would they describe your brand to their friends and family.

7 Coordinate With Your Team
If you want to reciprocate your brand’s voice clearly on the outside, you must have a clear understanding on the inside. This means all the people working for your brand should understand your vision and mission. This will help you bridge any gaps that may arise while creating marketing campaigns for your brand. Every new team member must explain your brand’s voice clearly so that they do not have questions in mind. Your brand must look unified on the upfront.

8 Review And Re-invent
As your brand will evolve with time so will your brand’s voice. So you must do a quarterly review of your content and identify what changes are needed. You can look out for attributes that are no longer working for you. Also, there might be certain new expectations from your audience or potential customers that your brand’s voice must fulfil. You must note that language always evolves. Certain words that are popular these days might lose their magic after some period. So, you will be required to re-invent your brand’s voice from time to time.

Your brand’s voice is a major part of its personality. A unique voice will help you stand apart in the crowd. It will help you make connections with your customers that will last longer. Firstly you need a unique app and to develop an app you need to hire a skilled mobile app developer. Therefore, all content that you create must reflect that unique brand voice. Make sure you set some goals for content creation and you are using the right channels to reciprocate your brand’s voice. The language you use and the emotions you target also play a role in building your brand’s voice. Lastly, you must experiment, take feedback and iterate through your brand’s voice if you want to sound fresh, enthusiastic and new all the time.

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