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  • By Ravi Sharma
  • 24-11-2021
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Wait! Are you looking for a perfect SEO-friendly website without coding? Yes, a website without coding. It is now possible with Wordpress CMS. Many people are still unaware of Wordpress CMS and its benefits, but Wordpress is an excellent platform for website designing or one of the best for small to medium sites. But to use a Wordpress site, you need to learn some basics of SEO to develop an SEO-friendly website for search engines. We will tell you what wordpress can do for your business, but we will elaborate more about creating an SEO-friendly wordpress site that can take your business to top search engine pages.

Most people use wordpress plugins such as Yoast SEO, Hyper Cache, etc., to make the website SEO friendly. Still, we recommend you not to use plugins to optimize your website for better performance on search engine pages. Here, we have listed some of the most practical but effective SEO strategies to develop an SEO-friendly WordPress development without any coding and can also rank on top of search engine pages.

Tips to Develop an SEO Friendly Website

The dream of developing your website is now becoming a reality with Wordpress. Every small and medium business owner is successfully taking their business online through wordpress CMS. Yes, it's true but having a website is not enough to beat the competition. For that, you need to put in some extra effort. From extra efforts, we mean search engine optimization. Search engine optimization or SEO is taking online businesses to the next level. Below we have listed the five best SEO agency tips to make your website SEO friendly for SERPs with Wordpress CMS.

Customize Wordpress for better User experience

Google always prioritizes user experience to rate websites on search engine pages. Better user experience leads to better ranking. So, if you want to uplift your website on search engine pages, then focus on improving the overall user experience of your website. Providing easy navigation, fast-loading web pages, keyword optimization, embedded optimized images, understandable and readable content, you can optimize your content for a better user experience to attract users to your website and make them stay on your website.
Proper HTML Markup

By optimizing your website with HTML markup, you make it crawlable on Google. Google only understands the coding language, and by adding HTML markup, you let Google identify and read your website on search engines. E.g: <title>Six Revisions - Web Development and Design Information</title>

It's an example of actual HTML code, and these codes may vary page to page and section to section. Adding these are crucial on wordpress CMS sites too to make search engines ready.

Title tag and Headings

Title tags and headings are essential to understand what information is presented on that particular web page. By optimizing your web pages with relevant title tags and headings, you give names to your web pages to let search engines identify on search SERPs whenever a user searches for that particular page. The page title should be accessible, readable and keywords optimized. It will not only help develop an SEO-friendly website but also help users find your website SERPs.

Optimized Images

No matter how creative your Wordpress site is but without images, it will remain attractive and useless. Images play a crucial role in making your website attractive, but sometimes uploading heavy image files can lead to a slow loading speed of your website. So, it is recommended to upload compressed and optimized images on your website. It can make your website attractive, help rank your images on Google images, and increase your website loading speed.

Optimize for Mobile-friendliness

It is reported that most web users are mobile users, and to target them, you need to optimize your Wordpress CMS website for mobile devices too. To increase your website responsiveness, reduce file size with compression, optimize images, focus more on SEO content, work on website loading speed, add Call to action (CTA) on warm places of the website. It will help develop a responsive Wordpress CMS for your business.


When developing a business website, it is crucial to pay attention to its overall design and content. Simple and unique designs always attract users and increase your business credibility. If you're developing a Wordpress CMS site for your website, you can customize its features, designs, and icons and give a unique look to your website. After the layout and placement of the site on the Internet, the developer monitors the correctness of all elements of the site.

But if you want to create a website from scratch with coding, it is better to hire web development experts to handle this job. The cost of website development depends on the required functionality, on which cms is being developed, and the number of unique pages in the design. So, what are you waiting for? Get your business website from wordpress at the most minimal cost.

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