TOP 5 SEO Content Optimizing Tools That Can Help You To Rank Your Content

  • By Annie Moore
  • 28-10-2021
  • SEO
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Content optimization is very important but many factors are needed to be concerned about.

If you don’t bother them, you cannot achieve high rankings of your blog so, you need to take some action to get all these factors in your focus.

Sometimes, it can be very difficult to do it without using any tool or many tasks are not possible to be done without using any tool.
We have seen many tools and here, tools are meant to be the online digital marketing tools like plagiarism checkers, paraphrasers, and many more.

As we mentioned above that some tasks are not possible without any online tool and the simplest example is, checking plagiarism in content.

But the question is from where we can get all of these tools?

Many tools providers are dedicated to providing you with all the tools that help optimize content.

TOP 5 SEO Content Optimizing Tools
We have shortlisted some of them as well, let’s see what the tools are providing.

As it mentioned above that there are many tools provider available on the internet and some of them are very authentic, accurate and Prepostseo is one of them.
It can be considered as the one-stop-shop for content optimization tools because this platform provides all of the useful tools either they are for writing or they are used to check plagiarism.

Prepostseo provides the following tools
Plagiarism checker
Paraphrasing tool
Article rewriter
Grammar checker
Text summarizer

There are many more tools available on this platform and there is also a free version available for all of these tools.

The common thing in all these tools is, they are really important if your preference is to rank in less time.

Otherwise, it will take much time if you start doing these tasks on your own so, give it a try and save your time.

The second most famous tools provider is SEMrush and they are providing a complete range of content marketing and optimization tools.

We can say that this platform provides us with the following tools

Position analysis
SEO writing assistant
Content audit tool
Post tracking brand monitoring
Topic research
SEO content template

These are some of the tools provided by the SEMrush and it is not wrong to say that these tools are very efficient either you are using them for content creation or content marketing.

It is not wrong to say that we have several effective tools and SEMrush is one of them and all of the offered tools are quite efficient.

Here is another tool provider that is dedicated to providing the tools helpful either it is related to content creation or content analysis.
As soon as we step into the website, we can see a list of some basic tools in and these tools are listed below

Content editor
Content planner
SERP analyzer
SEO audit
Keyword research
Keyword surfer

It can be an easy option to have a chrome extension and fortunately, we have seen a chrome extension of Surfer SEO.

By using the above-discussed tools, you can edit content and plan the basic theme of the content.

We can say that keywords are the essential factor if you are willing to rank on the SERPs so, we can easily retrieve or analyze the keywords by using this tool.

Then it comes to the SERP analyzer, it can help you in determining the success of your blog and how well it is doing on the search engine results page.

4. YoastSEO (Social Media Optimization)
Social media optimization is very important as you can capture a huge audience from the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Yoast SEO helps to rank you while optimizing your social media accounts and makes it clear that it is quite compulsory.
If we talk about the basic and one of the most famous social media platforms i.e., Facebook, it has an OpenGraph.

OpenGraph helps you in rearranging the elements you want to show to your audience when they visit your social media page.
But how can Yoast SEO help you in all this?

There are many things to be defined while using OpenGraph and Yoast SEO helps you in filling all of this important information by itself.
Then it comes to the services provided by this platform and we are going to list them below, you can have a look.

Yoast duplicate post
Yoast SEO plugins
Local SEO for WordPress
News SEO for WordPress
Video SEO for WordPress

But the things are not over here, there are many more tools or services provided by Yoast SEO, we have discussed some of the basic but important tools.

If you are a blogger or dedicated to writing something either it is related to the internet or for something else, you must use

If we talk about this editor, we can say that this editor can surely make your content better by improving the patches that need some modifications.

By using this editor, you do not need to be worried about the readability of your content and it would be a good option especially for bloggers.

And make it clear that for ranking higher on the SERPs, you need to write good readable content and for this, you need to use some tools or editors.

It is not only restricted to blogging only, if you are willing to write essays, academic papers, or anything related to writing, you can easily edit it by using this tool.

You can calculate the number of adverbs and the percentage of passive voice sentences so that, you can easily get to know and focus next time.


Ranking the content is not that easy as long as you don’t focus on some really important factors.

But when you focus on these important factors, there is no problem in ranking your content higher, it can be the easiest task.

As we have mentioned above that using online tools or we can say that using content optimizing tools can help you in all of this.

And you can easily rank your content by using the above-mentioned SEO content optimizing tools, you can use these tools.

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