How To Get Traffic From Google Discover in 2021?

  • By Aakash Soni
  • 30-04-2021
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How can you dominate the web by attracting more traffic? You don’t have to go for paid tools or advertisements. Google Discover is an automated and customized mobile feed that is based on your everyday online activities. You can find news and updates related to various topics. Follow the information that interests you like Digital Marketing or Social Media Marketing.

So, what is Google Discover? It acts as a search engine and a social media platform. To get relevant feed suggestions, your search history makes an impact. This platform has over a million users which brings traffic to several websites every day. If you’re a new or media agency, this platform would increase your organic reach bringing more visitors.

How does it work?

You can find Google Discover under the search box in the chrome browser. It showcases a brief of the web pages in the form of scrollable cards, just like a social media feed. You can access related topics and information on your mobile phone. The feed is based on your hobbies and interests relevant to your industry.

For example, You are interested in Search Engine Optimization. You interact with content that includes SEO-related information, tips, and hacks. It analyzes your expertise and the importance that SEO holds for you. You also have the option to follow different topics like SEO.

Wanna know how Google decides the categories for your feed? Suganthan Mohanadasan, Co-founder at Snippet Digital follows a method by Valentin Pletzer by going on Send feedback > System logs > Card category.

How To Optimize Google Discover?
As the name implies, Google Discover is a content platform for mobile usages where users can easily discover new content as per their interest.

You might be wondering:

How does Google know about your interest?

There are two ways: your browsing history, and your command to Google. Your browsing history contains your recent activity on the web and mobile apps. You can easily improve Google Discover content suggestions using few changes in setting.

How To Improve Google Discover Content Suggestion:
- Open in your mobile browser
- Tap Menu. Setting.
- Under “Discover”, Tap Manage Interest Hidden
- Choose Topic, Interest (To See Related Content), Tap Unhide

How to Drive Traffic with Google Discover?

Neil Patel gets over 18,000 clicks without any paid advertisements. Stop spending a lot of time following leads and discovering clicks unless you have a strong SEO strategy in place. It's best to focus on bringing standard organic traffic. This does not apply to news websites.

The content you write has to be optimized as per Google Discover which can be an uncertain SEO task. The only information you can access is through the Google Search Console. Competitor analysis isn't possible so you don't have a lot of resources here. This means that the reach of your research is to a limited extent.

There is no specific way to analyze how the content piece is going to perform. After publishing, you can see a 3-5 day traffic increase. However, there are some exceptions - Specific content might reach a wider audience and perform well. At other times, you can expect a blend of both - viral posts and other content which might do just fine.

So, how to rank on the first page of Google? It's crucial to keep in mind that some specific content might not even make it to their feed. Even after following the right practices just like in SEO, you might not see the expected results. With consistency, you would see visible growth.

How to increase your content visibility with Discover?

1. Create a responsive website - Google Discover works on a smartphone. You need a website that's mobile-friendly and fast loading with minimum advertisements. In May 2021, Core Web Vitals would become an essential part of the ranking algorithm since Cumulative Layout Shift isn't just a page metric.

2. Choose high-quality images - Google Discover feed shows content with unique and high-quality images. Google recommends an ideal image size larger than 1200px wide or uses AMP. This isn't just applicable to Google Discover. It's one of the best methods to adopt for image SEO. For an automated process, you can use plugins like Yoast.

3. Choose popular content - While creating content, it's best to follow trends and build blogs around them. Check for current updates and events related to your field of interest. Don't skip the evergreen topics following the trending ones. You would get thousands of clicks from Google Discover.

4. Alignment of Content and Metadata - A page can be summarized through title tags and meta descriptions. It should attract the readers to click and check your website. Avoid using clickbait headlines or other manipulative marketing gimmicks. It would reduce the authenticity of your brand and break the Google Discover guidelines.

Growing your audience and increasing traffic on Google Discover requires posting trending and evergreen content consistently. Create a smart SEO strategy that convinces the reader to take any action or click on the website. The main focus is on driving organic traffic through Google discover. The platform would show your content when it's high-quality, engaging, and adds value to a specific industry.

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