What Should Be The Cost of SEO Services For Small Businesses

  • By Sanya Bhasin
  • 06-07-2021
  • SEO
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If you own a small business, you surely don’t have so much money and many resources, but you are good at managing a budget. Every business is different, and eventually, the cost of SEO services is additional according to the size and scale of the company. If you are already adopting SEO services, you must have an excellent opportunity to get customers and leads. But I want to know that you are getting the SEO services at the correct prices or not. As a small businessman, you should know prices of SEO prices.

SEO has become a crucial part of small businesses ’ strategy. However, it requires a particular investment of both money and time. So the main question which arises is how much SEO services cost for small businesses and which factors affect the cost of SEO.

First of all, we will go through the factors that affect the cost of SEO services to know which aspects you have to pay additional.

Factors affecting the cost of SEO services for small businesses

1. Number of pages
2. Time
3. Geography
4. Experience
5. Scale
6. Services

Number of pages
The cost of SEO service directly affects by optimized pages and newly created pages. Remember, each page on your website ranks highly for a keyword phase takes expertise and time.

The amount of time spent on creating pages impacts how much SEO costs.

SEO costs also depend upon where your business is located. It also means how many locations your business is spread, If your business is distributed in several areas. The more locations you have, the more pages you have to work on promoting your business. So the SEO cost also depends upon the geography.

Experience has its value in this world. Of course, the person who has the experience will get more pay. Similarly, in SEO services, the companies or freelancers who have experience will get more money than other people who don’t have experience.

SEO services cost also depend upon the scale of business. If your business is on a large scale, then it will cost more than the regular one.

Now, after the factors which affect the cost of SEO services for small business.

What should be the cost of SEO services for small businesses

1-Monthly retainer($5,000-$10,000)

29% of businesses pay between $1,000-$2,500 per month, and 15% of businesses pay $1,000-$2,500 per month.It means clients have to pay to the good service agency that they hire monthly for SEO services. Every monthly service is different; it’s upon the service agency that you hire. But, most of the services included a One-time audit, Google analytic setup, Google search console setup, Keyword research optimization, Keyword ranking monitoring, Local SEO optimization, etc.

2-Contract services($5,000-$30,000)

There is a difference between a contract service and a monthly retainer. The monthly retainer depends on the number of days in a month, and in contract service, it has starting and ending date. Always contract service set an ending date in advance, which can’t be changed or postponed.

3-Project based(Average $5,000-$30,000/Project)

It is based on the service that the agency is providing to you. Clients have to pay a fixed amount to the agency according to the project. It does not depend upon the time.

4-Hourly($500-1500 per hour)

Some SEO experts charge according to the SEO services. However, the hourly rates are predictable, easy, and straightforward to compute.

Types of SEO for your business

On-page optimization

Use external and internal links
Include keywords in the title tag
Add images and alt text

Off-page optimization

Social review and rating to build trust
Choose one or two platforms

Technical SEO

Access your URL structure
Ensure website navigation

Video SEO

Customize your channel on youtube.
Add tags and descriptions.

eCommerce SEO

Optimizing product lists for Google and other platforms.
Create content of user desire.

Final thoughts

If you spend on SEO services too much, you are wasting your money and resource, and if you are spending too little on SEO services, you will get a bad result. Hiring a good SEO agency for the services is so essential for your business because if SEO is not done correctly, it can negatively impact your business. So do good research, talk to the agencies in advance and ask which services they will provide under SEO and cost. Also, check previous clients’ reviews to ensure that the app development company you are hiring is a Good SEO agency.

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