How to Use Instagram to Generate Leads?

  • By Aakash Soni
  • 20-05-2021
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If you think Instagram cannot generate leads, you're missing big time. With the increased usage of various social media platforms, every other business is going digital with Instagram and Facebook. With the right strategies, you can identify your audience and generate leads. Think of these leads as potential customers who are interested in availing your services or purchasing a product.

Using Instagram to Generate Leads

One of the reasons why Instagram should be your go-to platform for social media promotion is its number of active users. As per Statista, there were 815 million active users on Instagram per month in 2019, and this number will be about 1.2 Billion by 2023. Now that is a massive number of users. So if you want to identify your audience, then Instagram is where you should start your journey.

With so many active users daily, making promotions on Instagram should be one of your top social media strategies. It doesn't matter what type of business you are. We highly recommend that you utilize Instagram as part of your social media marketing to help you generate leads.

Hashtags on Instagram

This is one of the best parts of the Instagram Algorithm. Even if you are a beginner, you can begin your journey by creating simple posts and adding trending and relevant hashtags. The interested users will automatically come to your page.

However, it goes beyond just posts and hashtags. As part of a successful marketing strategy, you'll need to plan your Instagram campaigns, content, posts, and even hashtags ahead of time. This will result in getting the most out of your marketing efforts.

Using Instagram Lead Generation Ads

The first thing to kick-start the process is to create a Facebook Page for your business and then create an Instagram business account.

Next, Go to the Ads Manager from which you can build your ad from the very beginning.

Under the 'What's your marketing objective?' option, you have to select 'Lead generation. Then you have to name your campaign.

Now the rest of the process is quite simple. You have to choose your marketing objective, define your audience, select your ad placement. For ad placement, Facebook generally recommends Automatic Placements, which is an ideal option.

Then you have to set your bid, choose an ad format and finally create your lead form. That's it.

There are various kinds of advertising methods on Instagram. Make the best use to generate high-ticket leads.

Creating Content

Creating content that adds value is crucial for growing your business. Knowing your target audience is very important for lead generation. To achieve this, you need a strong content strategy. Your audience should find the content valuable and relatable.

Let's say there's a new possible lead coming to your Instagram account from an ad. Now he sees all of your posts and finds your content very interesting. This will have a lot of positive impact on the visitor.

Now, if each of your posts will have relatable content for the visitor, it could turn him into a possible lead. So make sure that you create good, high-quality, and relatable content for your target audience.

Creating Instagram Bio

Your Instagram Bio defines your purpose behind the brand. If you're an enterprise, you can include details such as company name, business objective, product/service details, any specific award or recognition, and details about your Founder. If you're running a personal brand, you can add details related to your work, what you offer, and something that defines you. The bio option lets you add a clickable link. Use this wisely. Add your company website or personal website. You can keep updating the link when you launch a new product. Your focus is to create a compelling bio and description so that the visitors have that sense of trust when they visit your Instagram account.

Be More Engaged With Your Audience

Everyone loves a brand that engages with its people. That is what you should focus on. All you have to do is respond to your audience and be more vocal. There are a lot of ways of doing it: 

● Using emoticons in posts, comments, DMs, etc.
● Sharing relatable images, memes.
● Replying to comments.
● Asking follow-up questions.

If you do not have an audience to engage with, then go to the Instagram profiles of your competitors and create some engagement there.

Use Instagram Stories

We often ignore Instagram stories, but they play a significant role in creating engagement and increasing reach on Instagram. You can upload Instagram stories for your business that includes daily updates, announcements, quotes or some creative ideas. You can show how your day in an office looks like or show more of your social life. Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours for the audience, but you can access them through the archive section.

Pro Tips

● Go Instagram Live at least once a month to engage with your audience.
● Make some teasing content that will compel users to visit your site just by seeing the Instagram post.
● Always try to include a Call to Action on your Instagram posts.
● It is vital to develop a content strategy for Instagram and then be regular with it. So keep posting regularly.


Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms in the 21st century. You will find millennials, teenagers, adults, and older people as well. With such a vast user base, you can generate leads and scale your business to a seven-figure income. If you haven't thought about Instagram as a lead generation platform, think now. You are missing a lot of opportunities to connect, grow and expand your business.

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