Instagram Vs Facebook, Which Is Better For Your Business?

  • By Anu Dhiman
  • 21-10-2020
  • Social Media
instagram vs facebook

When Facebook bought Instagram in the year 2012, it had no idea that they might be training its successor. At that time, the billion pennies move by Facebook was considered a bold one, and critics were full of criticism for Facebook to spend through their nose for the random platform having just 13 employees.

But now, clearly, people have no questions about it anymore. Businesses are making the most of both the platforms in their marketing and advertising. Clearly, some people might be doing good with Instagram and some could be doing better with Facebook.

Instagram and Facebook are the top candidates on the list of popular and top social media websites. Once you go through the following 10 comparisons between Facebook and Instagram; you would be in a better place to decide which platform stands good for your business and the specific needs you have.

1. Number of Users
It is true that Facebook has more users than that of Instagram. It is for the reason that some people do not know about Instagram as it emerged quite later than Facebook. You might find more of your acquaintances on Facebook than Instagram.

Actually, Facebook has more than 2.38 Billion active users and if you talk about Instagram, it has around 1 Billion. There is a good difference between active users between Facebook and Instagram.

Remember, for a businessman, a higher audience means simply a higher possibility of a sale. In terms of quantity, Facebook can cater to you more for sure.

2. The Role of Demographics
Instagram is mostly used by the youngster or showbiz people. But if you speak of Facebook, it is equally used by users of all age groups. And it has witnessed that most of the adults or older people are using Facebook more fascinatingly than kids and youngsters.
So, in case you want to make an advertisement for your business, you should do an advertisement for the youth on Instagram, and for older people, design your advertisement on Facebook.

3. Algorithm Methods
Both Facebook and Instagram are using robust and advanced algorithms to make the content finest and approachable for users.
However, in case you talk about video and photo content than Instagram is certainly better in methods, whereas Facebook gives you better in regard to status, posts, and text contents.

In recent times, Facebook has started showing more advertisements on the timeline which is exasperating for most users as the ads are nearly blended into the timeline.

4. The Privacy
Facebook caters to you more options when it comes to privacy. You can easily change the privacy for each status, post, and activity you have. And you can even deal with many other timeline privacy settings.

But in the realm of Instagram, you can either make your account private or public. You would not find any privacy settings for your individual posts. Hence, Facebook stays ahead in the race of privacy features.

Since Facebook is the parent company of Instagram, it actually shares the same term of privacy that is used in itself. But certainly, Facebook has better privacy options than Instagram.

5. Advertising Platform
Both the platforms are good for Digital Marketing of your business or services or any other stuff. In case you want a detailed ad for your stuff, then you should choose Facebook. Sometimes the user is not really interested in reading all advertisements and wants swift and brief data about your advertisement, so this drew his attention.

However, if you want to fascinate the user abruptly, then you should post your attractive advertisement on Instagram to win the visitor instantly.

6. Marketer’s Favorite
It might interest you that 89% of Marketers use Facebook for their business. Reason can certainly differ according to an organization like Facebook has begun before Instagram, have more feature, and so on. But on the other hand, 65% of current users make use of Instagram for business and that is clearly less than Facebook.

7. Links, text & Caption
Facebook permits a user to post the link on each post. With this powerful feature, you can conveniently convert your Facebook followers into your website traffic.

However, unlike Facebook, Instagram does not give you the feature of links in the post area. Still, in case you want to post a link urgently then you can use the profile section. You must note that you can add a link at once. So, make sure that you pick your most important link to place there.

The long Text support feature of Facebook is very beneficial for the people who write. A writer or influencer can conveniently share his/her thought or can impact its followers with the text. Videos and Images demand time so you can use text to save your time.
But of course, Instagram does not provide long text features but still, it has the caption & hashtag facility. You can write a short and fascinating caption and use a maximum of thirty hashtags under the caption. Also, you can even use 20 hashtags in the comment area also.

8. Customer Type
Most of the folks who use Facebook are mature and they do belong to the 25-60 age group. It simply means a higher amount of people are self-independent. But if you speak of Instagram, most of the users belong to the category of 13- 30 age-group. It clearly denotes that why marketer prefers Facebook to Instagram.

9. Engagement
When you talk about user engagement Instagram is certainly easy compared to Facebook. Where a post on Facebook gets twenty to thirty likes on Facebook, the same post on Instagram might accomplish more than a hundred likes without any challenge. So, the point is, if you wish to engage more customers than you should select Instagram over Facebook.

10. Attraction
The hugest advantage of using Instagram is instant pull. When you open Instagram, you witness the post on the first interaction. Where on Facebook, there are diverse types of stuff like stories, post features, and even other things. Also, Instagram visuals make the pictures more attractive and engaging rather than that of Facebook.

In Nutshell
In case you give more value to visuals and you are involved in images, videos, and visual presentations than Instagram is the better choice for you. In case you like to write and you are better flexible with text and images both then you can influence the audience on Facebook with ease. You have to figure out what demands your business has, and accordingly make the most of both the platforms.

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