Top 6 Tips To Save Time And Improve Result Of Social Media Management

  • By Hermit Chawla
  • 31-08-2020
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Social media is much more than just a simple thing for your chit-chat and fun. This is something that businesses have understood and have made use of it as well. Not only companies to be it any influencer or a public figure presence of social media is like a sine qua non these days. What started as online socializing platforms have become an entire ecosystem for promotion, marketing, and an arena for establishing your presence and brand.

Social media management is a thing that every business, brand, influencers, and public personality want to get. With the effective use of social media management tools, people are providing this as a specialized service. Social media management firms and social media managers are the live examples of how important the domain has begun. It’s not like that you always need these specialized people to get your social media presence managed. You can do it yourself, provided you have enough time for it.

And if you don’t have that much time, then don’t worry. We have got some quick and easy tips that can save you time while helping you improve your social media management. Now, relax and read this through:

AECR Strategy
AECR strategy is something in which you can sum up the complete social media management. These are the core elements of managing social media presence effectively.
A: Attract
E: Engage
C: Convert
R: Retain

This simple AECR approach is that it can do wonders. Suppose you are a business or brand, then AECR, the best possible way for your social media management. Try to attract your potential user base on social media with some items like competitions and quizzes. Check the response and engage them with the timely repetition of such activities on social media. Use famous social media faces like influencers to promote your brand/business. To hold on to those who have turned your potential user develop a personal touch with a specialized message like a birthday wish, exclusive offer, etc.

Quality Over Quantity
Quality over quantity is generally preferred. And on social media, it matters all the more. You don’t have to run behind, making more and more posts each day to create engagement without bothering about the quality of your sharing content. This would surely be a disaster. Running for trends and short-lived positions is a usual thing where most people (even the so-called social media experts) go wrong.

Share something related to your domain that is researched and is more of unique work from your side. Say you are a building or construction business, then you can post something like a survey of home buyers, and there are views about the market or the projected path for the sector recovery post the pandemic. This kind of content has a long life and is more shareable and engaging as it answers a current query holistically. So, catch the trends but not blindly.

Scheduling things is a practice that we follow in our offline life quite often. On social media, this is important for you not to miss that required engagement. With social media management tools, you can quickly get this part right. You often get busy with other aspects of social media and miss the peak or right time for making a post. Imagine a situation where there is some festival and being on holiday you miss on to update a related post on your business’s social handles. With scheduling, you can place that post well in advance and schedule it to go live on that particular day and time.

Read The Data
Even if you don’t like reading, you have to read the data and get insights. Social media has lots of people in one place and many footprints on your social media handles. You need to trace those footprints and extract out that useful bit for you. Say, for example, you posted on Instagram and placed a link of your product or services below it announcing an offer. You did a similar kind of posting on other social media handles as well. Now, reading of the data would help you trace that which of the social media platform successfully created the maximum engagement and which one created the minimum. You can also check how many users just went past your posts and how many waited to give it a patient look. These essential inputs provide an idea of user patterns on social media and what they like and dislike. Noting this can help you improve your social media quite well.

Gather Ideas
Gathering ideas and learning from your rivals is a thing that you should adopt not only in life but also in social media. You should regularly check out your business rivals or competitors in the domain that they are doing on their social handles. To give you an example, take a popular online optical store ‘Specsavers.’ If they are using some influencers to promote their products say through posts or a social media advertisement, their nearest rivals must be keeping an eye on what kind of engagement that move is creating. If that is paying returns, they can also invest in that move and probably add something more to it like an exclusive offer or code. So, keep an eye on rivals.

Be Natural
When we said that we gather ideas and keep an eye on rivals and others, we didn’t mean copy them. It would help if you were natural in whatever you are doing. Don’t be over sweet or too rustic or quite charming on social media. Try to be precise and straightforward when you interact with your audience on social media. Say, for example, a user has tagged you highlighting grievances with your service delivery on Twitter. Now you don’t have to go and like that thing and ask for all details then and there because someone else is doing so. What you should ask the user to furnish the details on personalized messages on the platform and then provide required assistance and redressal.

All these social media tips and tricks are simple yet ignored, leading to failure in the social media management front. I hope you would not fall in that pit now.

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