How Are Online Event Platforms An Asset To Organizations During Covid-19?

  • By Kishore Kothandaraman
  • 11-02-2021
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It was not until the pandemic outbreak that the organizations around the globe cared to assess their flexibility. Now with all events cancelled, from local workshops to major business conferences, organizations are looking up to the virtual events platform to keep the business going and host events online.

While many IT and non-IT companies are making the switch and developing their infrastructure, there are a few organizations hesitating to develop, thus bringing losses and losing on the opportunities to network.

Today, we bring to you nine reasons that show why an online event platform is an asset for organizations around the globe.

To complete registrations

Registration process can be complicated. For some organizations the registration process might look simple, yet complex. Registration process involves a lot of steps like beautification of the pages, data collection, branding, user experience, and whatnot.

Hosting a random webpage on your website for registration might be the easiest option, but if you wish to provide your attendees the best experience while deciding, then you must be equipped with an event platform.

You can customize your registration process, providing a concise experience and security. This enables you to convert more and intrigue attendees to register.

To check-in digitally

Physical check-ins were still an option before the pandemic, but at times like these, digital check-ins are a mandatory feature. Attendees can simply scan a QR code sent on their emails to mark their presence for an event.

Also, the flexibility to have all details about the event from one application provides a better experience to the attendees, thus keeping the accreditation intact. The attendees can also avail badges, or any details that they need anytime.

Email marketing

The event management software comprises all your attendees' data, thus removing the process of importing and exporting data. Having everything at one place simplifies the email marketing efforts and enables non-technical marketers to access the data and perform their marketing activities.

Launching email marketing campaigns using your event management software saves you time and eradicates the possibility of errors.

Enables personalized agenda building

With every information available to attendees on their smartphone enables them to personalize their needs. With this feature, attendees will have access to sessions, workshops, meetings, and networking activities for which they can just register and participate.

This shortens the access cycle and promotes eco-friendliness.

Enables networking

Over seventy-six percent of attendees register for an event to network with their peers. And as organizers, you can only see a decreasing number of registrations if this option is not provided. Therefore, event management platforms enable attendees to network by generally booking a slot with each other in breakout sessions.

These sessions save the organizers from approving the continuous requests and flood the admin panel. Also, the platform is enabled with a great user experience and chat function to keep the conversation flow smoother.


Event platforms are a great way to engage their audience using games. Gamification not only wins the attention, but also helps in a clear understanding of the event topic. Gamification also provides the attendees with an option to interact with the peers and network.

Data security

With the growing number of virtual events and people providing their details online, it is more important for organizers to keep the data secured. Event management platforms provide data protection and enable technicians to conduct regular audits.

Analytics and insights

Event data is very crucial and beneficial. With event data, you can spot the trends and tweak your processes, thus shaping your marketing and sales efforts. With real-time data access, organizers can experiment on various aspects and make better decisions.

From real-time data, you can find your attendees’ speaker interest, session bookmarks, or meeting requests. These are crucial information to the marketing team and can help you crack deals.


Event management platforms are capable of handling multiple activities, but it still requires integrating many important features like customer relationships and task management. And event management platforms can be easily tweaked for the good and can be used to funnel the data into a CRM tool that manages the attendance of all the attendees.


Each of the features listed above are important but not mandatory for every organizer. Event management platforms are capable of many features, but you can always tweak these platforms for better results.

There are event management platforms that enable you to choose features on an event-by-event basis. This way you can benefit the most out of the advanced features enabled.

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