Top 5 Mobile ERP Options in 2021

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  • 02-09-2021
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ERP solutions are of paramount importance for businesses to automate their functionalities. A lot of manual effort can be reduced, thereby reducing human errors and increasing the accuracy of various elements in the system. Moreover, the productivity of the teams shall increase drastically. There are several ERP options available in the market. Choosing the right one can be a challenge. Of course, business requirements play a vital role in selecting the suitable ERP for your organization. This article will throw light on the ace ERP options in 2021.

Top 5 Mobile ERP Options


It is a world-class mobile business management and ERP software that serves more than 18000 customers worldwide. The incredible technology utilized helps in seamless integrations of various applications that you are using even now. NetSuite offers
1. ERP Platform
2. Financial Management Applications
3. CRM
4. E-commerce solutions

The best part is, you can manage the entire business on a single platform. The various departments in your organization shall work in synergy to achieve the business purpose. NetSuite is widely used for its multi-language and multi-currency support functionality. Expansion of business becomes easy, and transactions can happen with pinpoint accuracy in exchange rates. The software is upgraded every two years, and it is done automatically. Companies lookout for NetSuite as it helps in scaling up and down with maximum ease. You can choose the modules as per your requirement as well. The customization of the software is commendable too. The implementation of NetSuite is done only after understanding the complete condition of the businesses.


Microsoft Dynamics is a big player in the ERP software industry. With more than 2 lakh people using this at the moment, the tool is named for its extensive analytics. Businesses must make well-informed decisions from time to time; Dynamics is the crucial ERP solution that produces reports to facilitate the same. Dynamics focuses on various industries and is known for its wide range of third-party integrations. If you are planning to monitor the results of a marketing campaign, Dynamics produces impeccable reports that shall help you alter your campaign accordingly that delivers the desired results. The businesses find Dynamics’ customer support being impeccable.

They support through phone as well as live chats. The software offers custom based on business requirements. Data security is top class as it also provides server-to-server authentication. Use Microsoft Dynamics in multiple OS; Android, iOS, and Windows.

Sage 300

It is a Windows-based ERP solution, and it is currently used by more than 2 million people worldwide. This software is mainly used by small and medium-sized businesses of various niches. It is perfect for such companies where the team member count is minimal. Now, you have the liberty to manage multiple companies in one platform, and that shall be Sage 300. Finance applications are incredible with this software. It supports various currencies and their exchange rates as well. That means to say you can expand your business across the world without much hassle. The tool is most sought out after by companies for its excellent finance management system. The intelligent reporting system helps you keep track of the expenditure from time to time. The integrations are also commendable, with Amazon, Magento, Shopify, and SalesForce, to name a few. The tool offers the correct data to the right stakeholders.


Odoo is a comprehensive ERP software that offers
1. CRM
2. Project Management
3. ERP Modules
4. Inventory Management
5. Warehouse Management

The cloud-based software helps monitor the inventory from manufacturing to sale and enables checking the quality of the product at every level. It is a great solution to automate your supply chain management functions. Moreover, every customer data is separately saved, which helps access the data in an organized fashion. The centralized team member database also helps in keeping track of the performance of every team member in just a click. Odoo is a reliable and versatile tool for e-commerce businesses too. The auto stock adjustment function of the device makes the inventory management system completely automated.


It is AI-based cloud software that is developed on Infor Coleman AI. It supports various industries, from manufacturing to retail. If you are planning to make actionable decisions, the data analytics application of Infor is of paramount importance. The tool is designed to handle multi-dimensional data to give the correct data for making business decisions. The software is renowned for its workforce planning and scheduling of projects. The workforce management function of the tool helps keep the workforce intact and triggers the requirement of the workforce for a project if there is a shortage. The AI-based cloud tool helps in predicting failure as well.

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