7 Ways Android Game Development Can Make You Invincible

  • By Manisha Sharma
  • 14-09-2021
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When it comes to the most widely used OS in the mobile device, then the Android operating system wins the battle and seemingly, Android game development has become a hot topic among millions of IT professionals.

Many companies are already earning a good amount of revenue by investing in Android game development. According to research by AppAnnie, $100 billion was spent by online players in mobile games. Looking at such a boom in the growth of online android games, many entrepreneurs are taking them as an enormous business opportunity.

However, the process of developing games for Android is not an easy task, as there are thousands of Android smartphones available in the market with different hardware and software configurations. Hence, there are some precautions that need to be taken care of. If you’re also willing to invest in the Android game industry but confused about the future. This quick guide will take you through the 7 advantages of investing in android game development.

Enormous user base

Being the most affordable and leading mobile OS, the Android market offers a pool of opportunities. The Android Os offers a huge user base targeting on a global basis, there are millions of online mobile gamers that prefer using Android devices instead of iPhone.

Launching a mobile game on the Android platform may help you penetrate those markets that you cannot even imagine. People always keep on looking for new android games to play in the Playstore and if your game has a standalone feature then it’ll create buzz among your potential buyers.

Therefore, with such a dominating global reach, you can target a larger number of users frequently and gain maximum profits.

Quick approval by Google Playstore

Being Google’s child, the approval of any Android app on Playstore is easier and straightforward. If you submit an Android App, it will be available to everyone on the Play Store within a few hours, it means you can also release the updates of your game app without any complications and delays.

Moreover, developers can also release the beta version of your Android game app for testing purposes on the Play Store. It helps in refining the mobile app more broadly before releasing it to a larger number of users. Comparing this to Apple, your application will have to plunge into various time-consuming parameters. It’ll result in the delay of App approval and launch dates.

Endless customization

The user interface is the first and basic point of user acquisition. An Android Game Development framework offers features to customize the user interface as per the client’s expectations.

Google always believes in making the developers’ job easier; that’s why an Android game studio allows developers to shape their creative vision into reality without any hindrances. It offers an extensive range of customization features that can enhance data optimization, frame rate, and a lot more of your android game app.
Affordable investment

A developer only needs to pay a one-time amount of $25 for registration on the Android platform, it is far more affordable than the registration fee of Apple which is $99 per year. Such an affordable registration fee makes developing and testing an android game app profitable. Even the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) comes also free of charge, all of this adds to long-term ROI in android game development.

Open Source Software

Android Software Development Kit comes for free and it does not ask for any royalty cost and licensing formality in the future. There is also a developers community that allows thousands of professionals to interact with each other, discuss the latest rolling updates of the Android platform and refine the efficiency of their online android game. Hence, Android application game development is always a convenient investment asset for various SMEs and entrepreneurs.

Easy promotions

You cannot download an iOS app from any other mirror apart from the iOS app store. Whereas, one can download an Android app from multiple websites and the Google Play Store as well.

You can leverage this advantage as an online marketing strategy for your online android game. You can release the product on multiple distribution websites and blogs. In fact, you can also develop your own promotional channel to increase the number of downloads of your android game.

Convenient Infrastructure

Java programming is the backbone of an Android Software Development Kit which means you don’t need to hire developers that possess expertise in multiple programming languages for Android application game development. It’ll help you to minimize the investment cost without any in-depth analysis.

The Indian IT industry is highly preferred for software outsourcing by various SMEs, here you can develop that possess years of hands-on experience in developing an android game app.

Must read before investing in Android application game app development

Android game development is an affordable investment that can generate higher ROI in the future. We all come through various android games in our daily life that generate a lot of revenue. However, if you don’t feel confident in investing over the update of an existing game, then try to script some creative game stories or keep on reading the case studies behind the development of popular games like Angry birds, temple run, etc.

If you are confident regarding your Android game development, then hire a game development company and translate your idea into a feasible product.

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