How Salesforce Cloud Is Solving Healthcare Industry Problems

  • By Manoj Rawat
  • 05-11-2019
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For a few years, there has been a tremendous transformation in the health industry. Healthcare companies are now shifting their focus from volume-based care to value-based care. On the other hand, consumer's expectations are also changing day-by-day. People are no more content taking the backseat- they have started demanding increased information and digital interaction when the question comes to their health care. To bridge the gap between the two is a pervasive challenge, the healthcare industry is facing today.

So, will the regulations meet the increased demands of the consumers? Is there any way out to shorten the gap between the two? Any integration process which can make healthcare as seamless as possible? Salesforce Developers has a solution to all these problems. Salesforce Cloud is a way to improve patient's health care and improve medical outcomes. Using this cloud, companies can compete for the race to deliver value-based care and meet consumer expectations.

Makes Diagnosis Easier

Salesforce Cloud enables the patients to know about the symptoms of diseases they are suffering. After diagnosing the symptoms, it becomes easier to have real-time communication with their consultant. The consultant, after diagnosis diagnosing the problems, accesses to recover and recommend the patient with the most appropriate treatment.

Monitors Like A CCTV Surveillance

By bringing in Salesforce Cloud, your IT, security, and audit teams will always come to know who is looking at the patient's record, and from where? It's like installing a CCTV in your and monitoring it from your office. It helps to identify who is accessing the data and from where is the accessing being done. Every monitoring gets easier for the administrator and allows them to have a track on a particular person's record.

Suppose you want to access a particular patient record, and want to know which healthcare worker is looking after the patient. Fine, you can easily monitor with the help of Salesforce Cloud. The system allows the administrator to get a complete profile of the patient's A-Z updates. Not only this, Salesforce Shield provides the patients with granular visibility into who accessed their data and what they did with it.

Individual Care and Attention

With Salesforce Cloud, care teams can analyse patient profiles, prioritize their needs, and deliver them the most immediate needs. As there are no multiple systems involved, and the cloud handles everything at a place, individual care and attention to the patients are feasible. A single click on a patient's profile will give a piece of complete information to the care provider who is consulting the patient. He or she will come to know how far the treatment has ended, and what more can the care provider add for the better.

Strengthens the Relationship with Patients

Salesforce consulting companies build and enhance the relationship between healthcare companies and customers. When delivering care services, Salesforce provides all the tools necessary to fulfil the patient's needs. Using this system, healthcare companies can always maintain a connection with their patients. Patients receive notifications from the caretaker, especially when they need it the most. All these facilities create a bond and a 1-1 relationship between them.

Encourage Patient's to Be an Active Partner

Cloud enables healthcare workers to have direct access to all the patient's details, which helps them in managing the patient's profile efficiently. Now, the caretaker can visit the patient profile and give the patient a holistic view of care. Health Cloud allows the patient to be an active partner in their care and unifies patient interactions. This includes the sharing of educational content and making the patient health literate.

Addresses Patient's Data Security

One major challenge for healthcare companies is to manage risks to sensitive data of the clients. Using Salesforce Health Cloud, companies can now secure the client's data and records. Thanks to the Salesforce Development service, which allows companies to safeguard their app and protect from foreign threats. The data are in control with the help of a granular controller. The user will also get the facility of two-factor authentication.


You can rely on Salesforce Health Cloud to fasten the way of handling patient's problems and build a strong relationship with the patients by direct communication. Cloud could also make it possible for healthcare companies to strengthen compliance, protect patients, and improve security in a trusted, secure way. Salesforce consulting companies' effective and timely patient relationship management can also result in remarkable improve clinical outcomes.

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