How Virtual Classrooms Have Become Imperative For Education Industry in 2021

  • By Kiara Wilson
  • 10-12-2020
  • Technology
virtual class in education

The global pandemic no doubt has disrupted businesses, but more importantly, it has rendered the global education system partly, if not completely defunct. Moreover, the online classroom paradigm looks uncertain given the inefficiency of educators to monitor the progress of each student remotely. To adapt to the new system of learning with limited staff, it is important that we employ the new technologies that educational institutes worldwide are using to make distance learning as engaging as classroom learning. A VR based virtual classroom app, an upgrade over the online classroom is one such trend that will prove critical in the current times.

What are Virtual Classrooms?
Virtual classroom apps are built with a platform that connects teachers with students in a simulation of actual physical classrooms. It basically can be called a conventional classroom running virtually. Virtual classroom apps have customizable virtual prototypes of the actual classrooms, labs, geographical areas, and experimental setups, that students can access in just a few taps on their phone. This mobile app can be built with VR capabilities like a virtual whiteboard, virtual avatars of students, the ability to learn concepts by experiencing them, rewatching sessions, geographical simulations, communication interface, cloud storage, along with numerous other features.

Here are some of the ways in which virtual classroom mobile app can lead to the transition of the VR based education industry from prominent to dominant:

Enhancing e-learning
When students learn something, they imagine the concept in the physical world. Through a VR based app, this image can be brought to life with a vivid description of details. With VR based mobile apps, they won’t be restricted to written descriptions, book illustrations, or oratory; they can explore and experience things.

Learning with stronger memory
Visceral reactions to things being experienced or concepts learned are essential for memory forming. VR based apps for education makes it easy to engage students the whole time, making experiences memorable. Also, the environment can be customized to suit the student’s learning capability, as a single ecosystem won’t suit all. Moreover, students also can record the session and play it later to understand the concepts visually as many times as they want. Thus, allowing students to learn at their pace and at any time of their convenience.

High tech training
VR based mobile app is an effective solution for technically intensive areas in education like military training or medical experiments. For instance, a significant challenge for medical students enrolled in anatomy is having a clear understanding of functions and interiors of the human body in 3D models and they fit together. VR education can help overcome this problem.

Getting exposure to different careers is an essential part of the learning process. With a VR based app, students can experience and understand each career field, such as medical, engineering, journalism, etc. entails so as to choose one that they best like. From early childhood, they can be trained for what they want to be when they grow up through experience and expertise.

The inclusion of virtual reality technology in the education sector can make learning more fun and interactive for students. The technology has the potential to transform learning as well as the teaching processes. Virtual classrooms also eliminate the necessity of a physical space to conduct classes.

Students can attend lectures from the comfort of their homes, instead of travelling daily to the school. The virtual classrooms enable students to access huge collections of educational materials in the form of text, audio, and video at any point of time. Thus, reducing the cost incurred in buying books and notebooks, making virtual classroom’s cost-effective in comparison to the traditional way.

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