Impact of Cloud Computing on App Development

  • By Ranjit Singh
  • 16-11-2021
  • Technology
cloud computing in business

In today’s cut-throat competition, both enterprises and small businesses need a strong mobile presence to stay relevant. When it comes to developing a mobile app, companies can either choose the traditional native app development approach or invest in modern-day cloud-based applications. Of course, if you want to drive the highest engagement and get ahead of your competitors, you would want to hire Indian app developers who can develop full-scale cloud-based applications for your company.

As surprising as it may sound, cloud computing has completely transformed the mobile app market. Thanks to different cloud platforms like Amazon’s AWS, developers have the liberty to build feature-packed, robust, and high-performance mobile applications in a considerably short duration. Not to mention, cloud integration allows developers to incorporate features that enhance the overall performance of the mobile app and make it user-centric.

So, if you are planning to invest in mobile app development in 2021 (or in the near future), cloud integration must be a prerequisite on your to-do list. To help you understand more precisely, we have put together a brief list of factors that explain the impact of cloud computing on mobile app development.

1. Better Scalability
While developing a mobile app, businesses should not only think of their current customer-base, but plan for the future user acquisition as well. Why? Because, growth is the final goal of any organization and no one wants to stay stuck at the same spot for several years. So, to ensure that your brand can easily adapt to the growing customer requirements, it would be important to launch a scalable mobile solution.

And, the good news is that cloud computing makes it much easier to build scalable mobile applications. Since the entire platform is built on a cloud server, it’s a hassle-free task for developers to integrate new features and customize the app to meet the changing user requirements.

2. Security
One of the major reasons why every mobile app development company in India prefers cloud integration is advanced security. Today, the market is stacked with different types of cloud platforms - all of which strictly adhere to the information security policies.

With these platforms coming into the picture, developers can implement security mechanisms for the clients’ mobile apps and deliver highly secure mobile solutions. Moreover, all these popular cloud platforms have built-in tools that automatically manage user authentication, information flow, and overall communication to keep the entire platform completely secure.

3. Platform Independence
Another reason why cloud computing is getting extensively popular in the app development industry is inter-platform compatibility. As opposed to traditional native mobile apps, cloud-based solutions can deliver the same consistent performance across different platforms.

Developers can build cross-platform applications that keep the users engaged, irrespective of the device they access the mobile app. This can help companies target a wider audience and expand the overall customer base more effectively.

4. Cost Effectiveness
Finally, cost effectiveness is another reason why cloud computing is emerging as the newest trend in the app development market. Since developers don’t have to launch two separate mobile apps and can deploy the same codebase for multiple platforms, cloud integration cuts down the overall development cost by a huge margin.

What’s more interesting is that the maintenance costs for cloud platforms are relatively lower, which means you can easily scale your mobile app in the coming future without burning a hole in your wallet.

Cloud integration has completely revolutionized the traditional app development practices. Today, developers can build powerful, scalable, and user-centric mobile applications simply by integrating a cloud platform into their application. Irrespective of the mobile app you want to launch, cloud integration will help you launch a mobile solution that caters to your business requirements and helps you get ahead of the curve.

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