Which Mobile Platform Should Startups Choose In 2022: Flutter Or React Native

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  • 18-11-2021
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flutter vs react

Currently, one of the most discussed topics in app development is whether to choose Flutter or React Native, especially for startups. Both are used for building robust applications. You may need the help of react native app developer and flutter developer for your startup app.

Mobile application development can be done in a variety of ways. There is no clear winner regarding what to choose, but businesses choose the mobile platform and technologies as per their needs.

In this post, we will discuss both the platforms and also discuss when you must have these applications. This will give you a clear idea of which platform you must choose for your startup.


Flutter is a Google-developed open-source user interface software development kit. The Flutter mobile platform is built on ‘Dart,' a programming language developed by Google for internal use. Dart has several advantages, but one of the most important is that it compiles directly into native code without the usage of bridges.

The major and popular apps that are developed using Flutter are Alibaba, Reflectly, Hookle, Cryptograph, Postmuse, Google ads, and many more.


1. Own graphic engine
Flutter does not make use of native components, due to this there is no requirement for additional layers which affect the speed. Instead, the tool's own graphics engine is used to produce all the components, ensuring quick rendering.

2. Supported platforms
Flutter uses a single codebase that is directly compiled for three platforms: iOS, Android and Fuchsia. So, it supports all the major platforms.

3. Hot reload
Flutter has a hot reload feature that helps in fast reflection of changes in code and also enables easy bug fixing. Thus, developing apps with Flutter is fast and free from bugs.


You should use flutter in the following cases or circumstances:

1) Performance is your priority
The performance of applications that are built using flutter is comparatively better because Flutter does not use a JavaScript layer to communicate with native components. The speed of the apps developed using Flutter is also fast. So, for good performance and providing better user experience to users, Flutter is the best choice. You can also take help of flutter app development company for building apps using Flutter platform.

2) Follow the latest trends
Today, Flutter is the only platform that enables app development for Fuchsia OS, which is the latest operating system in the market. So, you can take the benefit of developing apps for this platform using Flutter before your competitors and gain an edge over them.

3) You aim to minimize time-to-market
Flutter's development approach is simple, convenient, and quick. The programmer can do everything within a single environment and a single programming language. Also, extreme code reusability can help you to reduce your development budget and time to market the app. You can also hire a flutter app developer for building the apps.

So, in these cases, flutter is the best choice for you. However, flutter is a new framework and the community is not so strong and huge, so in that case, you need to be a little bit mindful.

React Native is a popular JavaScript-based mobile app framework that allows you to develop native-looking apps for iOS and Android.
The popular apps created using react native mobile app development are Facebook, Walmart, Instagram, Bloomberg, Airbnb, Pinterest, and many more famous apps. These all big names show how much is the credibility & reliability of this framework.


1. Use of native components
React Native allows you to use the same components that are employed in the development of native applications. So, the interface of the application will be familiar to the user.

2. Community and documentation
React native is the leader in app development and has been present for years. So, there are thousands of developers that use React Native platform. Thus, the community of the platform is very large, so whenever any problem comes, the community is ready to help and solve the problem. Also, there is enough documentation available which is comprehensive and helpful.

3. Use of web technologies for mobile app development
The building of mobile applications using React requires very little effort. So, if you have developed a website with the help of React developers or react native development company, then you can deploy the same team for mobile app development. This will save your expenses as well as save your time.

You should use React Native in the following cases or circumstances:

1) When you want to reduce development complexity
By the use of React, the complex tasks are made simple using code that is easy to read. This framework takes advantage of Facebook's UI library to build code that is easy to comprehend and apply React JS. Also, it provides a simple solution to various types of problems.

2) Work with a tight budget
Initially, startups must operate on a shoestring budget. React Native can be utilised in this case because the codebase can be reused. It is also open-source, which means you can use it for free.

3) Develop apps faster
If you want to develop apps faster than React Native is the best choice for you. Because of the single code of the framework, the possibilities of finding bugs are reduced greatly. Due to this, MVP, i.e. Minimum Viable platform, can be built faster. You can easily release the first version of your app with only the most basic features.

In these cases, you must choose React Native platform for app development.

In Conclusion, we would say that both the frameworks are very useful and popular. And in this post, we have clearly mentioned the details of both the frameworks or platforms. We have also mentioned in which cases or circumstances you should use these frameworks. So, you can use the framework that fits best with your needs.

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