Android App Development Trends that will dominate in 2023

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  • 15-09-2022
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android app development trends

Your competitors are already brainstorming how to adapt the best Android App Development trends into their operations.

The tech world is changing, and android mobile app development is evolving with it. Businesses are adopting these technologies into their operations strategically to stay ahead in the game.

Benefits of Incorporating Latest Trends

A bunch of new technologies are coming into play, and any company that offers android software development should know about them. It is primarily because customers’ expectations increase with changes in technology.

Users will offer their business to enterprises that offer the latest experience, and companies will cater to their needs. As technology changes, it is only fair to assume that there will be much more work related to new inventions.

Given the fact that businesses will put efforts into adapting to the new technology, they will invest in getting new software made. It offers an earning opportunity for IT companies that are keeping a watchful eye on the latest trends and are well-prepared to meet the new demands.

Top 7 Android App Development Trends for 2023 

Here are the top 7 trends that Android Software Development companies must prepare for in 2023

Custom Applications for Foldable Devices

Foldable phones and other devices like such are becoming a reality. Now, it is incredibly cool to look at a phone like that, and the way people can experience applications on these phones also varies. So, companies cannot ignore the need for applications for these phones.

One of the biggest factors in the new foldable phones is a seamless adjustment of app display for every fold.

Learning how to build applications compatible with foldable devices now will give you an edge in the future.


The wearable device industry is showing steep growth. So, IT companies that want to stay relevant must offer Android app development that offers exceptional interfaces on wearables like fitness trackers, smartwatches, etc.

The number of wearable devices is forecasted to reach well above 1 billion by the beginning of 2023.

Applications that support the feature can offer to track health metrics, communicate potential risks, and receive and view messages, among other features.


Mobile commerce, also called M-commerce, is becoming integral to businesses' attempts to get users to buy directly from them. No third parties are involved.

The presence of M-commerce allows retailers to increase customer engagement, collect relevant data, grow their revenue, and improve conversion rates.

So, Android software development companies should offer M-commerce development services to help their clients stay relevant and grow.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Creating a more immersive experience will always be a goal of companies. This technology is relevant for every business, including entertainment, shopping, gaming, travel, and tourism industries.

The use of Augmented and Virtual Reality can help elevate the users' experience and help businesses grow.

However, most industries will need IT companies' support to add these technologies to their portfolio. Hence, Android app development companies must attain the skills to develop AR/VR-friendly software today.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

AI & ML helps companies develop apps faster and remove several human errors. Moreover, it helps make more intelligent applications that require less human intervention to provide a more personalized experience.

The use of AI can help improve speech, face, text, image, and emotion recognition. Moreover, it can help reduce online payment fraud. These are desirable traits for any mobile application.

Hence, companies currently offering AI/ML development solutions can expect a steep rise in their revenue.


5G technology is expected to become the new standard of the Internet in 2022. As the number of devices that support 5G increases, the quality of applications will also need to rise. The new applications should offer enhanced mobile streaming, better speed and security for mobile payments, more features, and integration of AR and VR.

Hire an Android mobile application development company to create custom solutions that are 5G enabled.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), also known as instant apps, are essentially mobile web pages offering app functionalities. There is no obligation to download the application to experience all its functions.

Users will enjoy Instant apps because they do not have huge dependencies on the Internet and help save space. Also, there is no need to get the application from the app store.

As companies look to improve user engagement, grow sales, and increase conversion rates, PWAs will become more prominent in the future.

Final Thoughts – Prepare for the Future

Not all trends become the norm. So, the list only contains technologies that will have a long term. Businesses must incorporate these technologies using Android app development services into their operations to remain relevant. And the IT industry needs to provide quality solutions in these technologies to facilitate growth for their clients.

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