Latest Frontend Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

  • By Manpreet Kaur
  • 22-09-2022
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frontend development trends

The frontend development field has been one of the most popular and developing fields for the last couple of years and has contributed a lot to mobile app development companies. Even though the backend developers are given more importance than the frontend developers, it won't be wrong if we say that times have changed now and that too, for good!

Numerous mobile app development service developers used to look down on JavaScript. But we are looking at a much different situation now. Web applications are growing rapidly, primarily due to the expansion of open-source tools. As mentioned above, nowadays, the front end is progressing at a speed that makes it challenging to follow.

The following post is all about catching up with Latest Frontend Development Trends in 2022. Let’s explore how web and mobile app development companies can benefit from the trends.

1. Svelte is achieving popularity within the industry
Svelte is a moderately a new development tool used by mobile app development companies, which in theory, started considerably late to be able to have an opportunity against already popular and widely used tools React, Vue, and Angular.

Using the Svelte framework is remarkably easy for mobile app development services. It is a compiler that constructs an optimized front end. But with time, the industry has started to explore and understand it, resulting in a steady growth in popularity at a remarkable pace.

2. Frameworks must support static and dynamic pages
Let's understand the terms dynamic and static pages. Dynamic pages convey and process the content when the user opens them. They can give you the same look as a dynamic layout, but comparatively, the user's browser has lesser work to do. Static pages are pre-defined during the formation time.

Static pages are challenging to scale for millions of pages. If you are constructing an app with a lot of dynamic content, like user profiles, it is advisable for you to opt for dynamic pages. Both static and dynamic ways of handling content are here for the long run.

3. Platforms turn single developers into entire IT departments
In the recent years latest framework trends have brought an immense number of software platforms that pace up front end development process. This is amazing for productivity because it allows smaller teams to work and function faster.

Developing front end code automatically is talked about a lot and has definitely become a global phenomenon. There are basically three solutions present out there: Vercel, Gatsby Cloud, and Netlify. They function in a way where you can turn one front-end developer with an GitHub account into the entire DevOps department in a time span of 4-5 minutes, ultimately resulting in increased productivity.

It won't be wrong if we say frond end optimization is the key to success. There is a lot of innovations happening around the world as we speak, and the front end framework is growing fast. The front end development has come full circle in the last couple of years. You can now turn light sites into heavy platforms with long render times.

It is a great time for budding front end programmers with little to no experience to prove their development skills with a built-in VSCode and Docker code challenges.

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