Mobile App Development Trends For 2020

  • By Oleh Sadykow
  • 27-11-2020
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mobile apps trends

Creating a mobile application is only the first step on your way to building a modern service. After entering the market, it should be stored in an actual state, trying to keep up with modern trends, as users always demand something new, and their need for innovations and smart solutions becomes a challenge for developers of mobile applications.

Nowadays, mobile apps have stopped being a technological novelty and have turned into a daily business tool. Recent research shows that most people go online through mobile devices, and 90% of them regularly use mobile applications.

By allowing users or customers to operate through a mobile app, you make them more loyal to the company and the brand as well. It is especially important, considering that today, applications are no longer something innovative and have become a basic requirement of the market for any company.

Like all technological developments, mobile applications are characterized by rapid variability and the ability to rely mostly on the latest trends. Today, many businesses promote not only websites but also their mobile apps, which allows more precise targeting advertising by phone numbers, geodata, and other parameters.

Mobile App Development Trends

Blockchain - the latest technology that eliminates the possibility of hacking or stealing data. It provides a safe environment for those involved in finance and trade. The use of Blockchain technology in the development of mobile applications will become a leading trend in the coming years - it will help simplify data management and increase the efficiency of transactions. By the way, at the moment, it is already used in various financial applications.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning
AI technologies offer a wide range of possibilities: you can use them to integrate speech recognition, smart filters for the video camera, or automatic camera setup before taking a photo. Currently, the largest players of the IT market offer their assistants, developed based on artificial intelligence. The possibilities of using AI are almost limitless; not surprisingly, AI remains one of the most popular trends in the high-tech world.

Many applications are already equipped with artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. Integration of applications with AI makes them "smart" and saves a lot of time, effort, and costs on the development process.

Offline mode
Offline applications are popular because you can work with them without an Internet connection. In the offline mode, all changes made will be saved in the mobile device's local database, and when returning to the online mode, they will be synchronized with the server.

Chatbots are already used in many applications. They are appreciated by users for their quick and accurate answers, as opposed to the support team, which can respond slow.

Internet of Things (IoT)
Internet of things is already actively used in many areas - transport, e-commerce, healthcare, etc. Thanks to the integration of IoT with mobile applications, people can control their smart equipment with a remote control or smartphone from anywhere in the world. Such convenience has become an integral part of modern life, so IoT technology continues to be actively developed.

Also, the appearance of many new mobile gadgets at the market will force the companies, which are engaged in developing software products to start to be oriented to the principle of cross-platform in their work. So far, they are unwilling to follow it because it is not so easy to create a program that works equally on a smartphone and a smartwatch.

Instant applications
Very quickly gaining popularity instant mobile applications. Now they are used by a number of companies in different industries, reporting positive results. That's why it is expected that many businesses will hit the creation of instant mobile applications.
Instant applications are called mobile applications that do not need to be installed on a mobile device for use. Otherwise, they do not differ from standard mobile applications. Instant applications give users quick access to the limited (in comparison with the full version) functionality and solve several important problems at once.

5G technology
5G, the new next-generation wireless standard, is certainly one of the most important trends in mobile development in 2020.

Popular mobile applications types in 2020
In 2020, companies around the world had to adapt to quarantine operations. Based on this, we can draw certain conclusions about how the trends and demand of users in the world of mobile development have changed and what types of applications are now at the peak of popularity.

In 2020, a sharp surge of downloading applications for online shopping activity increased by 15% - people prefer to order products and goods with home delivery. Due to quarantine, people were locked at home and went out only to train and buy products. Avoiding public transport, they prefer to use taxi applications.

Even in a pandemic, people could not deny themselves entertainment, physical activity, and self-development. Thus, since early March, demand for news apps, Health & Fitness apps, and entertainment applications has increased, statistics of mobile games downloads broke its historical records.

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