The 10 Most Important Trends For Mobile App Development in 2021

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  • 19-05-2021
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mobile app development trends

The mobile app development industry is evolving rapidly. To survive and succeed in the digital Darwinian era, you need to be aware of the changing trends in mobile app development.

Net Solutions' Nature of Digital Transformation 2020 report highlights that mobile is the key to success in digital media - one of the top trends for mobile app development in 2021.

Today, mobile is fundamentally changing business models, operating models, and markets at a surprising pace. By 2021, the mobile app market expects to reach $693 billion in revenue.

However, based on Gartner's earlier prediction, which almost came true, 9999 out of 10 000 mobile apps will fail.

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Hey Siri. What will be the most significant trend in mobile app development in 2021?

Top 10 trends in mobile app development in 2021

1| Building apps for foldable devices

After Samsung introduced the foldable OLED display, operating systems are preparing to use this technology to enhance the smartphone experience. In 2018, Google officially announced support for foldable Android phones via.

Many popular Android apps have been optimized for the Galaxy Fold, including Amazon Prime Video, Twitter, Spotify, Facebook, VSCO, and Microsoft Office apps.

With "foldable phones" being the buzzword of 2020, we must design a mobile app development strategy to run seamlessly on foldable devices - a challenging trend for mobile app development in 2021.

Unfolding the invention to produce more comprehensive protection can have a definite influence on users:

More considerable security means more space for a detailed and immersive experience.
With multiple windows, users can perform various tasks simultaneously.
Video streaming and gaming apps can maximize the benefits of foldable devices by simply increasing the screen size - or instead of using the extra space to offer additional information and controls. Therefore, the development of screen-centric apps will be one of the biggest trends in mobile app development in 2021.

2| Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Everyone knows the famous mobile app FaceApp, which became famous overnight through the ingenious method of artificial intelligence (AI). It combines filters to a user's photo to show what they would look like if they were older, younger, etc.

AI and ML have been among the trends in mobile app development for several years.

More recently, popular mobile apps like Replica, Cortana, and Google Assistant have dug deeper into this space and see rays of success.
Indeed, when Deep Learning couples with ML, it can do wonders for mobile app development projects with valuable data and real-time analytics.

3| The emergence of chatbots

Over 50% of shoppers want more DIY tools to speed up the online shopping process. And chatbots are the perfect solution to extend this type of customer relationship management.

In 2021, the integration of chatbots into mobile apps will evolve from a fairly rudimentary level to a fierce one.

There are currently encompassing 2.5 million apps in the Google Play Store and approximately 1.8 million apps in the Apple App Store. However, it would be great if you were dismayed to learn that few apps have used chatbots to enable better UI/UX services.

One of them is Starbucks. They have released an app called "My Starbucks Barista," where you tell the app what kind of coffee you want, and it will place your order for you.

With 80% of businesses expected to be using chatbots by 2021 and users valuing fast and accurate responses, integrating a chatbot into your mobile app is a real business opportunity - one of the key mobile app development trends to watch out for in 2021.

4| Wearable app integration

As technology evolves, wearable applications demand to become an indispensable part of our everyday lives.

Apple recently published an update to WatchOS at the WWDC conference. Apple Watch apps will no longer require an accompanying iOS app and will have their app store. It is a clear sign of the rise of wearable technology - a key trend in mobile app development for 2021.

With apps that work independently of the iPhone, Apple is developing the Apple Watch into a standalone device that users can use to meet their digital needs.

Apple Watch apps independent of the accompanying iOS app | Mobile app development trends.
In other words, app developers and businesses need to be prepared to develop apps that provide users with a superior digital experience on the Apple Watch, giving them a distinct advantage over those who do not.

Please take advantage of this trend in mobile app development and get close to your target customers by providing them with a seamless digital experience.

5| IoT-enabled mobile apps

A network of interconnected intelligent devices is called the Internet of Things. Brands such as Amazon and Google have capitalized on this technology and increased competition in the IoT space with the launch of the "Echo" family of devices and the Google Home voice controller.

In addition, Google's move to acquire wearables company Fitbit for $2.1 billion and its collaboration with Nest, a home surveillance camera company, are signs that the company is rushing into IoT technology.

IoT industry forecast | Mobile app development trends
End-to-end retail supply chains, smart homes, and sophisticated health insurance are no longer the stuff of science fiction but have entered the real world. As the demand for IoT devices and systems grows, so will the need for IoT-enabled applications, hence its inclusion in the list of top mobile app development trends for 2021.

6| virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR)

Pokémon Go may have been a passing storm on the East Coast, but AR and VR are here to stay.

AR and VR technology - a key trend in mobile app development - is preparing and elevating high-end gaming apps and being actively deployed in several other application areas.

7| Beacon technology

Beacon technology has moved around for an unusual time and will be even more prevalent in 2021. Beacon-based warnings are frequently helping many companies and industries to connect with their customers in a highly contextual way.

With beacon technology being a prominent mobile app development trend for 2021, we are likely to see more of it than ever before in the form of beacon-enabled airports, mobile payment beacons, and even automated personal beacons. Using beacon technology can help make virtual tours more personalized and information sharing smoother and safer.

According to GeoMarketing, by 2020, the product of beacon deployments is exacted to reach 400 million worldwide, generating $56,554 million by 2026.

Founded by Matt Frazier, Beakn mobile is a solution for building customer relationships that meet the ever-changing needs of consumers. Matt approached Net Solutions to build an IoT-based customer loyalty program for the small and medium business segment. Matt created a Bluetooth hardware solution, Beakn Mobile, that needed to deploy to mobile devices.

The challenge was part of the implementation.

Net Solutions practiced this CoreBluetooth framework for Beacon integration, CoreLocation Ranging, and Contact Beacons.

What was the result? Read the case study to learn more.

How did Net Solutions help Beakn implement an IoT-based customer loyalty program?

8| Instant applications are coming

2016 marked the beginning of instant apps - native mobile apps that are smaller than regular apps, user-friendly, and highly convenient because you don't need to download them. As the name suggests, they are instant; no download required.

Android instant apps | Mobile app development trends
Instant apps are in vogue among users and iOS and Android app developers, as they achieve better conversion rates than traditional mobile apps. Thus, "instant apps" are here in the top list of mobile app development trends.

Hollar and the NYTimes claimed that they could increase conversion rates from 20 percent to 27 percent by introducing instant mobile apps.

With users continually demanding a better user experience and shorter load times, instant apps are indeed the mobile app development trend that will be welcomed in 2021, eliminating the wait time required for deployment.

9| Increased demand for on-demand apps

Uber was one of the few companies to start offering a demand-based pricing model. It has paved the way for many other popular apps to provide a better user experience.

There is demand for on-demand apps everywhere, from ride-sharing to food, health, beauty, and travel.

By the end of 2025, the on-demand apps industry expects to generate $335 billion in revenue, 24 times the revenue in 2014.

In 2021, the on-demand economy will penetrate additional verticals and disrupt businesses, and we hope to see on-demand apps become a significant mobile app development trend in 2021.

10| Cloud storage development

With 54% of businesses in the UK moving forward with no cloud solution on the horizon, cloud architecture is seen as a futuristic trend. But this will no longer be the case in 2021.

The global market for public cloud services is forecast to grow by 17% in 2020, rising from $227.8 billion in 2019 to $266.4 billion. ~ Gartner

Cloud technology plays a vital role in making instant Android apps. Moreover, iOS devices include cloud databases in some applications.

The integration of cloud computing helps mobile apps efficiently store large amounts of data and perform complex tasks while also being cost-effective and extra secure.

Simplified operations, reduced hosting costs, improved storage and loading capacity and increased user retention are just some of the many benefits of developing mobile apps in the cloud - one of the most popular mobile app development trends for 2021.

| Conclusion

Mobile applications are convenient for users and increase engagement, which translates into better returns for businesses. This disruptive approach has a bright future. Today, the on-demand business market is emerging. Every company should consider developing on-demand applications to increase profit margins.

If you want to develop an on-demand business application, contact a top app development company in India. Only an expert can create a professional solution.

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