Top Mobile Game Development Trends For 2020

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mobile game development trends for 2020

The year 2020 will be another year of breakthroughs and upgrades to different technology niches. As for the gaming category, particularly those who love taking games wherever they want to go can expect a box full of treats. Here’s a list of gaming trends we can all expect to arrive in 2020.

Cloud Gaming
Cloud gaming development is one of the biggest gaming platforms of 2019 and will continue to grow in 2020. Unlike other technologies, this niche doesn’t require a high powered and expensive device for it to work.

The best services in cloud gaming are in Parsec, Shadow, Vortex, GeForce, and PlayStations. Cloud gaming is not relying on its hardware to powered games. As a result, it is capable of running a system easily via cloud gaming.

This mobile gaming development trend allows gamers to play without requiring high-powered hardware since they can utilize the intensity of the cloud to stream games forwardly into their gadgets.

Social Media Mobile Games
A gamer that loses interest in PC games may be a good reason behind the use of mobile platforms like Android, iOS, Web, and others on the hike. According to the details of Statista, Android and iOS are the two best choices of an adaptable game association.

In social media platforms, a community, society, guild, clan or organized group of players regularly play together in at least one game. Some meta-groups span a wide variety of games under the influence of social media. Social media gaming benefits can extend beyond creating and strengthening friendships, particularly in adolescents. It can give you good times, a shared activity that helps pre-existing friendship.

Social media playable games will still be a hit in the coming year. As such, it’s never too late for developers to create SMMG or integrate their apps to social media so existing players can easily spread the word about the game.

AR and VR Games
AR (Augmented Reality) & VR (Virtual Reality) immerses the users in artificial space or the real-life environment from a first-person view. AV can enhance the version of reality used by technology and adds digital elements or images. On the other hand, VR is an artificial computer-generated simulation and a complete immersion experience.

Augmented reality delivers virtual elements, and virtual reality is a digital recreation of a real-life setting. Nowadays virtual reality gaming has become the new trending game development. Due to the enhancement of technology, Console gaming, and PC gaming has been taken by VR.

This 2020, expect augmented reality games to sprout in different areas. The breakthrough will introduce tons of opportunities to exploit leading us to a new generation of exciting games.

Console Upgrades
Gaming consoles are still gonna hit us big in 2020. The game consists of a manipulated image and usually sound generated by video games and display on television. While many thought that TV is a zombie technology that will soon fade away, it won’t be too soon. Unless AR and VR have fully devoured ever-upgrading TV resolutions, console tech and its games will continue to flourish.

Console games are easy to use and don’t require many upgrades. In general, they’re cheaper and wireless controllers allow you to have a more active experience. Also, they have handheld consoles smaller than video games consoles, handheld consoles consist of the console, speaker, screen and controllers in one unit to carry and play them at any time or place.

What’s even better is that retro and older games will soon be available to mobile. In addition, we might be in for a surprise feature that lets consoles integrate with mobiles and vice versa!

Game Engine Revolution
A game engine lays the product system to construct and make computer games. They give highlights from activity to man-made reasoning. A game engine is responsible for rendering designs, impact location, memory the board, and a lot more options.

The game engine can be cross-platform (unity) in an outcome to progressively stable framerate, input handling, User Interface, sounds/music, saving or loading the game and physics of 2D-3D games. A game engine lays the software framework to build and construct computer games. They give features from animation, computerized reasoning, and artificial intelligence.

Games with Wearable Technology
Wearable technology is a category of wearable devices that can be worn by the players and include tracking information. It is regularly used for tracking information related to health and fitness exercise. The wearable tech business is ruled by wellness trackers, smartwatches and smart clothes, but on the other hand, there's a solid interest in gaming wearables. Some of the time wearable technology is used in professional sports.

Wearable technology has an application in monitoring real-life or time feedback for the user. In spite of enormous development in the gaming business, wearables customized particularly for gamers are still moderately difficult to come. Some of the wearable techs for die-hard games include HTV Vive, Myo and SubPac.

Multiplayer Games
Multiplayer games usually require players to share resources of a single game system or use network technology to play together over a distance. The creation of multiplayer games is antiquated, yet the interest for it is slanting.

Over the most recent years, the gamers progressively addictive to play a game that frequently offers you to beat different players on the web. With the ascent of multiplayer games, we may have heard these games name Call of duty, PUBG, ROS, Bomb Squad, and some more. They will continue to become a hit to late adopters and we still expect more MMORPG mobile games to hit the market soon.

5G Internet Gaming
5G is the latest generation of broadband services cloud gaming could reach a high new level. 5G is the fifth generation of cellular network technology it is more dependable than 4G. Many more mobile games you can play more steadily and stable without worrying about your internet connection to drop off.

The United States, China, and the United Kingdom are already testing the 5G. It enhances mobile broadband Extreme capacity 10 Tbsp. per km⊃2;, Extreme data rates 100+ Mbps. User experienced rates, Deep coverage for hard to reach locations and ultra-low latency as low as 1 millisecond.

Optional Screens Or Multiple Monitor
Multiple monitor set-up can help you increased productivity there have many numbers of studies and research says that their productivity increase of an average of 42% when using multiple displays and 20% reductions of error. Most of the Laptops now can easily add a monitor for flexibility. It helps you to enhanced visibility, larger screen space even enhanced your leisure time activities as well.

A multiple monitor setup allows you to allow you to enjoy multitasking while playing your favorite video games. Most streamers used at least 2 monitor one for gaming and another one for streaming apps in social media.

Improved UI/UX Experience
UI (User Interface & UX (User Experience) is designed as an information device that interacts display screen, keyboard, mouse and the appearance of your display window. UI design gives you a high-end graphic, feasible control, and a smooth flow. On the other hand, UX is used to create a significant product that provides meaningful and relevant experience to the users.

Simply put, UI is the basic level made up of all the elements that enable someone to interact with a product or service while UX is the thing that the individual collaborating with that product or service takes away from the entire experience. And mobile gamers will be in for a treat in 2020 for grand improvements of these elements. Find latest ios and android app development agency for your project.

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