Top Web Design Trends to Watch Out For This 2020

  • By Shawn Byrne
  • 29-09-2020
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Web design practices and trends are ever-evolving. This 2020, just like search engine optimization, the possibilities seem infinite. Many web designers are now experimenting with extremes, reinventing previous styles, and always trying out new techniques.
Top Web Design Trends That Will Rule 2020

If you want your mobile application development and website development to look polished, modern, and updated, below are some of the 2020 web design trends you can look into:

Dark Mode
Undoubtedly, dark mode dominated 2019, and so far, it has not shown any signs of disappearing anytime soon. Dark mode swept cyberspace off its feet with leading websites and apps like YouTube, Viber, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Chrome turning the lights off one after the other.

The massive popularity of this color scheme lies in the peerless benefits it offers. For instance, it is both elegant and sleek. Not only that, since dark mode uses fewer light pixels, it lowers the screen's overall brightness, which makes for easy reading and minimal eyestrain.

Pro Tip: Create a visually appealing website by mixing dark mode with minimalistic white elements and clean typography and graphics. You can also add vibrant color accents, neon typography, and futuristic elements.

This classic web design has been around since time immemorial and is bound to stay. While the features and forms of minimalism have evolved over the years, the essentials have remained the same—win end-users and web designers' hearts through simplicity, usability, and elegance.

When it comes to web design practices, minimalism can mean a lot of things: minimalistic graphic elements, the bare minimum in terms of website navigation and texts, and narrow color palettes. This trend rose to prominence to accommodate ebbing attention spans and screen sizes.

One great way to achieve minimalism in web design would be to ditch bulky paragraphs for high-quality videos or images that convey your message in a straightforward and enticing way.

Pro Tip: Functionality and minimalism complement each other. So when designing your website navigation, avoid cramming unrelated information in one section. Make it effortless for your visitors to find the contact page, services and products you're offering, and the FAQs while keeping things light.

Luminous Color Schemes
Glowing neon colors like purples, blues, and pinks can make any website look futuristic and modern. Combined with darker and deeper shades, luminous colors can pop out from the screens, giving visitors the impression that your site is bold and daring.

Pro Tip: Neon-colored elements go very well with other web design trends like dark mode, minimalism, and black and white as a darker background can make the luminous colors stand out even more.

Hand-Drawn Elements
The human-centered approach in design has experienced some renaissance lately, and there is no better example of this that hand-drawn elements. Whether it's drawn icons, handwritten lettering, or cartoonish illustrations, this web design trend is all about exhibiting humanity, emotions, and personal touch. Hand-drawn graphics also radiate soulfulness and positivity.

Pro Tip: Artistic illustrations can add some artistic vibe and authenticity to your site. However, to ensure your web presentation won't come across as childish and flippant, consider working with a professional web designer.

Final Thoughts
This year will be characterized by diversity when it comes to web design trends. From total simplicity to over-the-top color and element combinations, you'd be delighted to know there is no shortage of fantastic design options you can choose from.

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