5 Simple Steps To An Effective UI/UX For Business

  • By Vinit Mahendru
  • 24-06-2020
  • UI UX Design
effective ui/ux for business

Is your user interface uncomplicated that even a 5-year kid could understand it? The best websites are not just composed of great ideas, but careful planning and execution. Though there are many different resources to build an excellent website design, it can be difficult to identify the process of UI/UX design that could be more constructive.

What is UI and UX and Why is it important?
First things first. What do UI and UX refer to? UI signifies the user interface design and UX signifies the user experience design. UI defines how a website or app looks, whereas UX defines how a website or app works and feels. UI/UX is the first impression that can make or break your brand value and reputation.

The main goal of any business is to increase sales and growth. The UI/UX design helps in achieving this goal. The best UI/UX design provides the best user experience, improves customer satisfaction, and customer's confidence. This ultimately increases the number of users of your website or application, improving your ROI.

So, how to create a well designed and user-friendly application? Let's dive in to know the 5 steps to create an incredible UI/UX design for business.

1. Understand and Define
This is the first step where you need to understand your target audience and understand their needs. At this stage, a buyer persona is created, with a description of the needs, expectations, and challenges. This can help you in defining the potential problem while designing and understand the solution. You also need to find out three important things
• The business objective
• The context of product use
• The user goals

2. Research
After finding the essence of your application and your target audience, you need to research your customers. Conduct surveys to find out potential user expectations and challenges they are struggling to overcome. This can help fine-tune your UI UX design for greater results.

3. Prototype
This is considered the trial version of the design. Don’t worry if you get it wrong initially or if the sketch happens to be lacking. You can update your sketches as you go. Wireframes are important in this step. It gives you an idea of how things should work and how to overcome inaccuracies.

4. Design
This is the step where you design the right look for the interface. From colors and images to layout, arrows, pagination, buttons, and navigation, customers should begin to feel familiar and comfortable with your brand. A well-structured layout is the core component of effective UI.

5. Test and Implement
This is the last stage of the UI/UX designing phase. The design is tested for any potential errors and a quick fix is made. It is followed by the implementation of the prototype.

The Ul/UX design of your app or website is a very crucial aspect of your Website/Application. If your Website/App needs to be successful, then it will entirely depend on your UI/UX design. Regardless of your business or needs, you will have to come up with an effective design that works.

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