7 Key Benefits of Building a Progressive Web App (PWA) for Your Business

  • By Jacob Colleen
  • 17-06-2022
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For better reach in any business, your product must reach your targeted audience at the right time. To boost your reach in a short span of time, you need to develop a progressive web application for your business.

As per the market demands, businesses are more into progressive web apps because it is reliable, faster, and user-friendly, and the development cost for PWAs is comparatively less than other app types.

In this post, we will be discussing the key benefits of building a progressive web app for your business.

What is a Progressive Web Application (PWA)?

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is used to develop modern progressive web app these days. These apps can run on any web browser and provide the user a native-like app experience. You can get your PWAs developed by hiring any progressive web app development company.

In simple words, we can define a progressive web app as a web app that combines the basic features and similarities of web and native apps.

Key Benefits of Building a Progressive Web Apps for Your Business

There are several benefits of building progressive web apps for your business. These benefits include:

1) Less Usages of Data & Storage

With the help of PWA, one can open any web app easily in their web browsers. The technologies used in developing these apps help them to load faster and make them user-friendly. Thus, these apps require less data and storage consumption.

2) Online Accessibility

One of the biggest advantages of PWAs is that they are available offline, which means that users can access the content offline without having an internet connection.

3) Performance Booster

As these PWAs are developed using HTML, CSS, and JS, these apps tend to be lighter and do not require enough memory.

As a result, the loading time of these apps is faster and does not require any additional memory.

4) Low Development Cost

As these web apps are developed using primary languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, there are plenty of developers who know these languages and are ready to develop your app at a pocket-friendly price. You can hire a progressive web app development company at a low development cost.

5) Similar To Native App

Progressive web apps are developed in a manner to give a native app experience. The interface, fonts, templates, and all other elements used to develop a Native app are being used by PWA developers.

6) No-Third Party App Distribution

When your app is ready to publish, there are certain procedures that need to be followed in the app store. You have to register, pay some fees, follow publishing guidelines, and after fulfilling all the criteria, you can publish your app publicly.

Both Android and iOS have different publishing guidelines in their Play Store and Appstore. You need to follow both of them if you want to run your app on both platforms.

7) Device Compatibility

One of the biggest advantages of progressive web apps is that they are device compatible, which means that you can open your app on any operating system. These apps are designed in such a manner that they can run on any device without any error. Thus, PWAs are device compatible.

These are the benefits that you can avail yourself through PWAs for your business.


Every industry is rapidly increasing, and they want to reach out to their potential customers at the earliest. If you plan to develop a web app, you can hire PWA developers and get your web app ready for your business. Everyone knows that PWAs are the future of every business and all businesses are coming up with their PWAs because they want to sustain in this competitive market.

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