8 Extraordinary Web Application Ideas for Startups in 2021

  • By Deep Maurya
  • 28-04-2021
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Web applications are an essential part of online businesses today. They offer web advantages and perform all the required functions utilizing a browser instead of installed software. This is the primary reason why enterprises embrace and develop web applications to meet the business demands of all kinds. Since the pandemic sticking around, it has become quite challenging to come up with brilliant web app ideas that can prove to be a success in 2021.

However, thanks to the incredible growth in web development, we can now turn any application idea into reality. So If you are looking to consider fresh web app ideas to make a business from, we have assorted some of the most creative ones to conquer the web development industry. There are multiple category trends that you can follow, such as HealthTech, CyberSecurity, AutoTech, edTech and many more. But before we move forward with the recommendations, let us take a quick glance at what web applications can do to your business.

Five benefits of using web applications for your business:

Competitive Edge
Web applications are a crucial tool that adds power to mobiles resulting in increased engagement. Since web apps are internet-enabled applications, it becomes super easy to access them through your mobile's web browser that acts as a powerful resource to market goods and services. With an increased business base, you gain a competitive edge in the market.

Uses numerous platforms
Web applications eliminate concerns about whether the app works efficiently on multiple platforms such as desktop, tablet, and other mobile devices. The cross-platform capability is no longer a luxury with web apps. They can even be monetized with advertisements, dues or membership fees and self update themselves without the need for user intervention.

Avoid restrictions
Web applications are preferred since they avoid fees, memberships and restrictions when it comes to any software program. This will allow businesses to release their own versions in their scheduled time. You might even have access to the cloud storage tools that are available to expand the data storage.

Web apps are well versed in protecting software programs and websites. They are developed using high levels of security and privacy protocols. Moreover, the users do not update web apps, and therefore, immediate improvements occur to take care of bugs and security issues.

Customer Support
Web applications provide options for enhanced customer support. They offer the first line of contact between the businesses and their potential customers. Applications are developed in a manner that customer support can be accessed at any given user time.

Now that we have the idea of how web applications can be an ideal fit for your business plans let us move ahead with the brilliant app ideas that can be a success in upcoming years.

Web App Ideas to make your startup business a success :

For Healthcare Industry

Potential disease outbreak alert

At the start of the Covid19 pandemic, certain patients were diagnosed with pneumonia cases. Only if there were an app to recognize such outbreaks, such an application could alert hospitals and institutions to identify such issues and help them take immediate measures for prevention and control. It may also help detect the difference between the common flu and other illnesses.

Virtual health assistant
A machine learning assistant offers the benefit of delivering more personalized treatment on the basis of the patient's medical history and prescriptions. The app will take data on the medicines and treatment methods for all kinds of diseases and will further prescribe dosage and possible side effects. This way, your users will have a virtual doctor right at the tip of their fingers.

For Retail and Ecommerce Industry

Digital shopping performance
You can create a web application for store owners who are not aware of the market trends. With the help of data that includes purchases made in the store, the retail web app can determine products highest in demand. This algorithm can further help the owners understand where the customers are finding such products.

QR Code on products
In the light of the pandemic, QR codes are a game-changing technology for both the physical and digital world. This technique can offer the most incredible visibility to your business. Consider the brand Nike uses QR codes to create customized shoes for its customers. The users have to scan the code to follow Nike, where they can personalize the product by changing colours and size and patterns and send it to the company.

For FinTech

Personal finance management app
Today, consumers are interested in their earnings and savings more than anything. In such times, having an app that can categorize their income and expenses and track them in real-time can be a rescue. This will help users get a better understanding of how to manage their finances effectively and smartly. On top of that, if the user decides to shop, the application can set the money spending limit accordingly to prevent over expenditure.

Loan lending app
The idea is brilliant, where the borrowers can qualify for the loans and credit in real-time by submitting their financial history in the account. Here the lenders can also bargain to provide funds at the lowest rate. This way, you get more borrowers and customers. Financial data is such a vital and personal thing, so ensure that you create a super-secure cross-platform in order to turn this app idea into reality.

Education and E-learning

Smart tutor
This application can help students in specific problem areas like maths, science, personality development, learning languages, and many more with online classes. You can also offer "Smart Teachers", an option that can clear their doubts by providing real-time examples and experiences. The app can contain games and puzzles to enhance learning core skills.

Classroom management tool
This platform can prove to be useful for teachers who want to gather and generate data based on their student's behaviour. This info can be shared with the parents and the administration to update them on their child's progress. ClassDojo is a classic example of this. With the help of this tool, teachers have a predefined category list to classify their students and help them understand what methods can be followed to improve their behavioural skills.

Final Thoughts

You can observe that we have utilized the app for various sectors such as healthcare, finance management, Education and eCommerce. This can interest you with web app ideas in any category that you want your business in. We hope this article helped you in analyzing your future startup business plan.

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