How to Use Video Testimonials to Build Trust and Credibility in your Business?

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  • 06-03-2020
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Trust, Credibility, and Testimonials
For a business to succeed, there are many factors that are required. The most important factors are trust and credibility. Trust is important as it makes a customer believe in a business. A business that is trusted by customers can achieve success easily, Trust makes the customer accept the claims of the business and they would accept the product offered by the business. The other factor is credibility. Trust develops where there is credibility.

Credibility is reflected in the claims of a business and its promises. A customer should find these claims credible or believable. One of the best ways of doing this is through testimonials from existing customers. The claims of a business are credible when they are backed by existing customers. If a business says that its product delivers certain benefits, then a potential customer would want to verify this before making a purchase.

This is where a testimonial can be helpful. A testimonial is where existing customers explain the benefits of a product and talk about how it helped them. When a potential customer sees such claims, it reinforces the claims of the business. Testimonials are a great way of convincing existing customers to buy a product. They are credible and help to build trust. When used effectively, testimonials can bring in new business.

The Importance of Video Testimonials
Of the various forms of testimonials, video testimonials are the most effective in ensuring credibility. The reason is these testimonials would have a customer talking in person about his experiences using the product. Other testimonials like text-reviews and quotes show anonymous customers whose identity cannot be established. These testimonials would fail to create credibility and the chances of customers trusting such testimonials are less.

In a video testimonial, a potential customer can see a real customer talking about the product and its benefits. The name and other details of the customer would be shown. This makes the testimonial credible. It can be very useful in creating trust. Statistics from studies show that 88% of customers would trust a business just as they would trust a personal recommendation from a known person.

A person would trust not just the testimonial but also the brand itself depending on what is in the testimonial. Studies have shown that 79% of customers would trust the brand if they find the testimonial to be positive. A testimonial that is positive can lead to a 74% increase in conversion. This would be very helpful for a business. When these testimonials are posted on websites, they make visitors spend more time on the website.

Using Video Testimonials to Build Credibility and Trust
If you have a business and want to tap into the power of video testimonials, you can follow the guidelines given here to do it. When made in the right way, video testimonial is the best way to gain the trust of customers.

1. The main feature of video testimonials is the use of a real customer who shares his/her experiences using a product. It is most important to implement this in the right way. A real customer who has used the product extensively and can share real experiences needs to be shown in the video. Some companies make the mistake of using an actor in the video. This can be a big mistake and can negatively affect credibility.

2. It is advisable to share the details of the customer to enhance the credibility of the video. The name of the customer and company name (in case it is a B2B customer) and contact details (email or social media page link) need to be provided. This makes viewers believe the testimonial, as they know they can contact the customer to verify the details in the testimonial. You must share the contact details only after taking the permission of the customer and ensure that the customer responds to any queries.

3. The customer who presents the testimonial in the video needs to appear natural and be in natural settings. It is important that the video does not look artificial or like a promotional ad. The customer must speak without referring to a script. To achieve this, the video can be shot in a question and answer form to make the customer comfortable and allow him to answer specific queries. The questions can then be edited out from the final video.

4. The video testimonial must be presented in the form of a narrative. Using the story-telling concept will make the video more interesting. A potential customer will feel drawn to such a video and will connect to what is being said. The customer should talk about her problem or need and the pain points encountered trying to find a solution. How your product was a solution to the customer’s problem must be addressed in the video testimonial. This kind of video will make a strong impact on potential customers and leads.

5. There are different ways in which video testimonials can be created. Using the services of a professional agency is the best way. A professional understands the market and knows what kind of video can create the best impact. The professional agency would have worked on similar projects and created many testimonial videos. They can ensure the video shoot goes on smoothly and will also edit and present the final video to create the best impact.

6. Once the video is ready, it must be uploaded to the home page of the website. The link to the video can be shared on social media accounts of the business. All ads and other promotional materials can carry the link. This will ensure potential customers can see the testimonial. This will help convince them to buy the product.

Implementing these guidelines will be highly helpful for a company to build credibility. This helps them to win the trust of customers, which is the best way of winning them over and improving business performance.

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